Liam At Bat

So it’s father’s day. I took this candid portrait of my oldest son yesterday. It was his first T-ball game. He’s getting set for his first “at bat.” He’s nervous. He’s excited. He’s hoping to make me proud, but I’m so proud of him already. I’m proud because he’s trying something new. He’s attempting something difficult and different. He’s taking a step to understand my world. To embrace a game I love but one he only knows through me. This is a first step into making the world of baseball his own.

This is how I felt becoming a father.

It was something I had only experienced through my own father’s love. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I was about as prepared as I kindergartner is prepared to play T-ball. There was a lot of confusion at first, a lot to learn, and I was just hoping I could live up to my own father’s example.It’s been a great journey. Harder than anything. Better than ever imagined.  It’s amazing. I’ve accomplished a fair amount in my life so far, but nothing comes close to having my boys. They are truly an example of the fullness of God’s grace.That I could have such amazing kids in spite of all my own failings and shortfalls is nothing short of a miracle. I have been truly blessed beyond measure.

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