What Are You Thankful For? (The Discipline of Counting Your Blessings)

Photo by Billy Kangas
Photo by Billy Kangas

We are often told to count our blessings. I think it’s a great practice. It helps us keep our eyes open for locations of grace in our lives. Unfortunately it’s not something I’ve been recording something I am thankful for everyday for a month or so. I thought I’d share the list with you and invite you to share your own blessings.

I’ve been trying to write a few of these down every day. Here’s the most recent entries:
*. My family… of course
*. Great neighbors. Truly great!
*. Conversations of consequence 
*. The community at cultivate
*. My parents
*. My faith
*. The great teams of people that are meeting to do good
*. Opportunities to serve

*. Beauty in the world
*. Grace that extends through all things
*. Friends that last
*. My awesome wife who demonstrates hospitality to me and through me
*.Great weather!
*. My education (taught me how to learn, and how to value; and not value; education)
*. A roof, a job, and food on the table
*. My son’s interest in the world and amazing smarts!
*. The Garden outside
*. A creative mind
*. The ability to improve
* My baby smiling
*. My life
*. The road That led me here 
*. hope for the future
*. Having a great network of people who care in our community
*. Coffee
*. A great team
*. My city
*. Time with my kids
*. a great world to love them in
*. Moments of peace
*. Public transit
*. The public voices that speak clearly on moral issues
*. The friends who are allies and a champions of my best self

Please reach out and share yours in the comments!

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