So it's father's day. I took this candid portrait of my oldest son yesterday. It was his first T-ball game. He's getting set for his first "at bat." He's nervous. He's excited. He's hoping to make me proud, but I'm so proud of him already. I'm proud because he's trying something new. He's attempting something difficult and different. He's taking a step to understand my world. To embrace a game I love but one he only knows through me. This is a first step into making the world of baseball his … [Read more...]

Aurora lucis rutilat: Reflections on an Ancient Hymn of Easter

This morning in Morning Prayer I was praying through a very old Easter hymn that has been attributed to the 4th century Bishop. St. Ambrose of Milan called Aurora Lucis Rutilat. The hymn is traditionally broken up into three parts which would be said in prayer throughout the day during the Easter season. I thought I would share a few thoughts and prayers I had while singing this hymn.Aurora lucis rutilat: The first part of the hymn talks about how on Easter morning the whole cosmos was … [Read more...]

Living life in an Easter Key

The Christian life can be summarized as the living out of the pascal mystery in every part of our lives. It is making the celebration of Easter a lived reality in each day we are given. What this means is that by the Grace of the Father, in Christ and through the Holy Spirit, we commend each element of our existence  into God’s hands. It is the setting right of an appetite that has ceased to hunger for God alone. It is a process of living out in action that which was sacramentally given to us in … [Read more...]

Prayers for the Veneration of the Cross

In Donald LaSalle's article, "Devotion Searching for a Place in the Liturgy: The Development of the Good Friday Veneration of the Cross in the West" LaSalle highlights a the rich tradition that is reflected in the practice of venerating the Cross on Good Friday. It's a great article if you have time to read it. As I was going through it he listed many of the prayers that the Church had used on this occasion. I thought it would be worthwhile for myself to look up what these prayers were and take … [Read more...]

Lent begins

 Like many of you, a cross formed from the ashes of burnt palms dons my brow today. Lent begins for many of us. A time a deeper prayer, fasting, giving, and service. We are but dust. Life if fragile. We have such a brief sojourn here. I hope you can join me today in setting our heart and minds toward what lent reminds us about. Through prayer we connect with the source for all our life. The Christian faith is not a philosophy or a set of moral precepts but a participation in the … [Read more...]

Life on the foggy road

My neighborhood park this morning was beautiful. I love the fog. It helps defuse the light so you notice it all around. Perhaps I need to see the fog of life in this way. So often we strive to glimpse the future horizon of our life. Making plans for tomorrow. Dreaming of the prospective paths down the pike. There is something sacred in today and it is so easily missed. Perhaps uncertainty is a gift. Unexpected fog on life's journey is a blessing when it forces us to pull over and take stock in … [Read more...]

Why do Catholics Make the Sign of the Cross?

Many wonder at why we use the cross so much in Catholic life. We make its sign on ourselves, our homes, our children, our possessions, our heart, our lips and our forehead...The answer is simple. The shape of the Christian life is cruciform.The Gospel always calls us to follow Christ's example to lay out life aside for the life of others. The cross not only mediates between the Christian and God but also the Christian and neighbor, wife, child, job and even persecutor. In all these … [Read more...]

A brief reflection on having a Dog…

Over the years I've heard a lot about importance of a dog in the life of a boy. Often these sentiments are followed by some comment about a dog's unconditional love, friendship, loyalty or affection.These admirable traits so often possessed by our canine brethren are truly blessings and I for one am glad to have a dog in my life which provides an ample share of all these things.However, this is not what I see as the Main advantage of having a dog alongside your children. A dog's value is not … [Read more...]

Seeking Transformation

Alexander Schmemann reminds me... "The Eucharist is a movement of adoration and praise in which all joy and suffering, all beauty and all frustration, all hunger and all satisfaction are referred to their ultimate End and become finally meaningful." … [Read more...]