How would you define worship?

Worship in Greek can mean to kiss towardIf I asked 15 people to give me a definition of worship I would probably get 15 responses. It’s hard to define. It’s something that people do, and angels do. It’s something that creation calls forth and the saints around the throne join in with. People have worshiped with the blood of goats, with golden bowls, with candlesticks, and with incense. People worship with pledges of their lives, with ancient liturgies, and with their dying breath as they give the … [Read more...]

My take on the Six Covenant Affirmations

There is a great deal of freedom within the Covenant Affirmations (my denomination's statement of faith). Each one is so broad pastors and churches with a wide variety of perspectives on each issue can all agree to the affirmations themselves. I think the greatest concern with being a pastor in light of the affirmations is learning how the culture of your own church interacts with each of the affirmations. That being said I personally do have a theology of ministry related to each of the … [Read more...]

The Story we find ourselves in

I recently gave a talk for the Word of God Community's Fall retreat. Here is a recording of the morning session. … [Read more...]

Classic Rich Mullins teaching

Here is a video I have always loved … [Read more...]

15 books that will MAKE you belive in GOD?

Fellow theology nerd and UberBlogger David Withun has created a list of 15 books that he claims that is you read them all (and process all the ideas) you will no longer be able to remain an Atheist.I have read 1, 3, 6, 7, 13, and 15 ALL of which are fantastic... I can't say how great (or not so great) any of the others are, but I thought this was an interesting list.What do you all think about this list. What would you add?What would you subtract?Check out David's Blog … [Read more...]

Praying The Jesus Prayer

The Jesus prayer is the simple prayer, “Κύριε Ιησού Χριστέ, Υιέ του Θεού, ελέησόν με, translated: “Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me.”[1] It is one of the central prayers of the Eastern Christian traditions. It forms the primary practice encouraged in The Philokalia, a monumental and massively popular book in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.[2] Many have wondered why such a simple prayer has become such a central part of the Orthodox spirituality. The powe … [Read more...]

What is “Church Growth”?

When I first started working in ministry I asked a local ministry leader if he could teach me what he knew about doing youth ministry. He told me that he would meet with me once a week and talk about how he did things, and why they worked (or didn’t work), and then he handed me a book entitled “The Purpose Driven Youth Ministry,” saying “this is a ‘must read’ for anyone serious about doing youth ministry”. This was my first experience with the philosophy, theology, and sociology of the Saddleback … [Read more...]

We Finally Got The Gospel Right!

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Funny, but where are the Confessional Lutherans and the Orthodox

 My challenge for readers is to post a series of images that reflect the Confessional Lutherans and the Orthodox … [Read more...]