Book Review: Scripture and Disernment

What is the role of the Church in interpreting the scripture today? This question Luke Timothy Johnson tackles head on in his Scripture and Discernment.Johnson brings an emphasis on ecclesiology which is badly needed in the discussion on scripture.  Johnson belives, scripture is compiled and delivered by the church, but also is a guide and source for the church. Scripture communicates a story that informs and reforms. It tells a story about how church should … [Read more...]

Athanasius: He took to Himself a Body

For this purpose, then, the incorporeal and incorruptible and immaterial Word of God entered our world. In one sense, indeed, He was not far from it before, for no part of creation had ever been without Him Who, while ever abiding in union with the Father, yet fills all things that are. But now He entered the world in a new way, stooping to our level in His love and Self-revealing to us. He saw the reasonable race, the race of men that, like Himself, expressed the Father’s Mind, wasting out of e … [Read more...]

Free E-Book: Why Wine? A Biblical Portrait of a Sacramental Element

To Christians wine holds a special place among all drinks. It is the drink that is central to Christian worship, sacramental life, and one of the key mystical connections between the Church and Christ. This all stems from the fact that on the night Jesus was betrayed, He took wine in a cup and gave it to His disciples saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me." Ever since then Christians have struggled to follow this command in a … [Read more...]

Free Fall

I ran into this retelling of the fall of man. I thought you all might like it. Let me know what you think. It has poetry mixed with art, and some nice video. I can't say it's my favorite style of poetry, but I do like the effort.How do you feel about their presentation of the Genesis fall narrative?Do you find any theological or exegetical issues in how they present this video?Free Fall from ProlifikFilms on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

An Amazing prayer from a victim of Nazism

This prayer was written by Nikolai Velimirovich who was imprisoned by the Nazis for speaking out against them. With the amount of hate that was poured out in the 20th century it is amazing to hear a prayer as powerful as this come from the hand of a man who was the victim of one of the greatest purveyors of evil in human history. It is a sobering reminder to me that the heart of of the Christian perspective is rooted in the theology of the cross.Bless my Enemies Oh LordBless my enemies, O Lord. … [Read more...]

A new kind of Social Gospel: The web 2.0 x-mas story

I thought I'd post this just for fun! … [Read more...]

Reframing the question “Are you saved?”

A few years ago I was sitting in my car on a summer evening. I had the window rolled down and was listening to the radio enjoying the cooling summer air. Suddenly a man came up to window and asked me a question. “Are you saved?” he inquired. I must admit I was a little startled. I felt I had become the victim of drive by evangelism.  This was not the first time I had been asked a question like this, and it was not the last. I am sure you have probably has a similar experience at one point or … [Read more...]

The Gospel according to Coffee

Here is a recently recorded video I made that explains how I use explain the Gospel to people using coffee.I'd love feedbackEnjoy … [Read more...]

My Son likes to play in the Ocean!

Here is a video of my son Liam enjoying a little play mat. I just hope it doesn't give him any ambitions to pull a Jonah. I think he's just about the cutest kid in the world.He was born in October and is already getting SO BIG! … [Read more...]