A new kind of Social Gospel: The web 2.0 x-mas story

I thought I'd post this just for fun! … [Read more...]

Reframing the question “Are you saved?”

A few years ago I was sitting in my car on a summer evening. I had the window rolled down and was listening to the radio enjoying the cooling summer air. Suddenly a man came up to window and asked me a question. “Are you saved?” he inquired. I must admit I was a little startled. I felt I had become the victim of drive by evangelism.  This was not the first time I had been asked a question like this, and it was not the last. I am sure you have probably has a similar experience at one point or … [Read more...]

The Gospel according to Coffee

Here is a recently recorded video I made that explains how I use explain the Gospel to people using coffee.I'd love feedbackEnjoy … [Read more...]

My Son likes to play in the Ocean!

Here is a video of my son Liam enjoying a little play mat. I just hope it doesn't give him any ambitions to pull a Jonah. I think he's just about the cutest kid in the world.He was born in October and is already getting SO BIG! … [Read more...]

Saint of the Week: Ambrose of Milan

The church is filled with stories of unlikely, and sometimes unwilling leaders. Many times leaders are called into leadership against their own will. If you remember the Story of Gregory the Great a few months ago this was the case with his appointment into the papacy. Few stories of ordination and vocation can compare with the strang story of Ambrose of Milan (who was honored by the church this week).  Saint Ambrose was raised in a Christian home, but had not been baptised when some … [Read more...]

Is Social Justice a liberal thing?

Social justice is a sticky topic, because it goes beyond helping people and focuses on fixing systems. It doesn't just feed people, it's asks the question "why are poeple hungry" Because of this it's frequently been accused of having a "liberal agenda."Covenant Pastor, Dr. Mae Cannon, knows a lot about Social Justice. She wrote the book on it, Literally. Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World (IV Press, 2009). The book is, according to Shane Claiborne, "a cookbook for … [Read more...]

I loved this video!

I just had to share it with you all.... Thanks to S_P for telling me about it! … [Read more...]

What’s new about the new Calvinists?

I am not a Calvinist, I'm far from it in many ways. I did word for a Reform church for about a year once. There is a new movement called "new calvinists" that have gained a great amount of energy among many young Christians burned out on evangelicalism. Here is a video about it.Are any of our readers Calvinists?I would like to know why. What draws you to this tradition?What's New about the new … [Read more...]

Cyprian: “Hold what you have, lest another receive thy crown.”

“Confession of Christ does not make one immune from the snares of the devil. Nor does it defend one who is still placed in the world with a perpetual security against worldly temptations and dangers and onsets and attacks. Otherwise we should never have seen afterwards among the confessors the deceptions and debaucheries and adulteries that now with groaning and sorrow we see among some. Whoever that confessor is, he is not greater or better or dearer to God than Solomon. As long as he walked in … [Read more...]