Five Networks Every Pastor Needs to have

Making connections with others is an essential key to any effective ministry. Without connections there could hardly be a church. We make connections every time we greet someone at church, read from the Bible, preach a sermon, or even smile. Any minister connects with those who we are trying to serve all the time. Even beyond the Sunday morning service connections continue to be a central part of the life of the worshiping community. This can come in the form of a meeting, a phone call, or even … [Read more...]

Feast of The Week: The Birth of John the Baptist

The following is a bit by St. Augustine in honor of the solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist, which we celebrate on Friday (tomorrow). This feast is celebrated on the 24th rather then the 25th which is odd to many people since the annunciation and christmas both happen on the 25th of the months that they fall in (March and December respectively). The reason for this is probably because ancient ways of counting dates would count back … [Read more...]

Get more Orant on Tumblr

We Have TumblrI have decided to start using Tumblr as an way to post small things like quotes and conversation that I like. This page will be for thoughts that are too big for twitter (@BillyKangas) but too small or undeveloped for this Blog. will remain as the center of theological conversation but Tumblr will help more fully develop the avenues we have to share theology with one another. The Orant Media Networktheorant.comYouTubeFacebookTwitterTumblrPayPal … [Read more...]

New Music: From Starry Skies

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Am I Healthy and Effective?

I recently watched a presentation by Anthony Trufant where he shares 11 points about how to do ministry in a healthy and effective way in a video by SAGE.These are things that Anthony Trufant says he wishes he knew 29 years ago when he started ministry.THE LIST:note: He messes up a little bit on his own numbering so don't get to confused with my list if you read it along with the video1) Relationship with Jesus is healthy (open, honest, dynamic, grounded)2) Relationship with Self is healthy … [Read more...]

New Book: The Christ Hymn

In the book of Philippians there is a small section of poetry. This little set of verses has raised many questions. Is this one of the first Hymns we have from the christian community? Where did it come from? What can it tell us about what the EARLIEST christians believed about Jesus Christ. This short book seeks to examine the so-called "Christ Hymn" what it means, and how it can inform us today.EPUBKindlePDF … [Read more...]

An Interactive Map of All The Eastern Orthodox Churches in Union With One Another

View Eastern Orthodox churches in Union with one another in a larger mapKEYPeople = autocephalous churches that don't have other churches under themCircles with black dot = autocephalous churches with other churches under themPin = Churches that are under the circle of the same color … [Read more...]

Interactive Map: Where the 12 apostles died

View Where the 12 Apostles Died in a larger map … [Read more...]

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants: A Handbook – New E-Book!

The parable of the wicked tenants is enigmatic in many ways. It’s a parable that has created a great deal of controversy both in how it is interpreted and within the world of textual criticism. Those who seek to exegete what the text means are faced with not only a diverse rage of historical opinions on the subject, but also with an almost unprecedented number of images, parallels, and symbols. Many scholars have struggled with the ways in which this parable seems to fly in the face of many … [Read more...]