Reading “The Descent of the Holy Spirit” icon

Today is Pentecost! The icon for this festival is known as "The Descent of the Holy Spirit".   Direction - We read top to the bottom. Start by looking at the semicircle with rays coming from it which are  pointing toward the Apostles. These show God sending his holy spirit on the twelve apostles. Color red and gold are seen in this icon boldly which teaches us that this is a momentousness event.The building in the background of the icon is the … [Read more...]

If Resurrection is a life beyond death what is it?

A few days ago Zac Smith passed away. I never knew him accept through a video that was posted online three months ago. You can watch it below. Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.Albert Camus once said, "It's no use reminding yourself daily that you are mortal: it will be brought home to you soon enough.”This year my own mortality h … [Read more...]

Six things to remember when God seems distant

1) Prayer is an encounter, but also a relationship - Often times we set aside 15 minuets in the morning, or perhaps even an hour, and get upset when God doesn't "show up." We imagine that our relationship with God should conform to our own schedules, but that is not a healthy attitude to have in any relationship. God is with us at all times. Remember a healthy relationship with God is one that is mutual. We may be knocking on God's door for 15 minuets in the morning, but God is … [Read more...]

The new way to get your Christian Book published

A few months ago Zondervan and Baker Publishing announced a new way to try to get a book published. Rather then sending in a manuscript and waiting for a letter telling you if your manuscript is good enough, Zondervan and baker now are saying you should go to This webpage offers real-time feedback for authors who are working towards being published. … [Read more...]

Exposing the liturgy of the Mega Church

I love liturgy. I really do, there are few things in life that get me more excited then exploring how different elements of liturgy reflect the message of the Gospel.Some times my friends in the Evangelical world get on my case about my love for liturgy. They claim that following forms breeds dead religion.My response is that every church has set ways they do things, traditional liturgy simply establishes meaningful well thought out forms.I ran into this video today via Jesus Creed. The video is … [Read more...]

Where did your brand of religion come from?

Fellow blogger and Orthodox know-it-all Silouan Thompson recently pointed out the following story to me from Diana Butler Bass' book A People's History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story. For those of you who don't know Bass I posted a little on her a while back.I can't say I've ever run into this myself, but I do think it's difficult for many of us who come from churches of the reformation to square our view of the church, and the reality that for much of Christian history people … [Read more...]

Changed into God… Reflections on Theosis

A few weeks ago I was driving to Michigan from my home in Chicago. I was excited to see my family there, and also my wife who had gone before me a few days. I love seeing my family. There is no other group of people that reflect who I am. I am a little like my Mother, a little like my brothers, a little like my sister, more like my Father then I care to admit, and I am quite a bit like my wife, Joan. This is true of all of us. We have lived with our families for large portions of our lives. Over … [Read more...]

Book Review: ReChurch by Stephen Mansfield

I have heard of Stephen Mansfield for a number of years. He became well known after publishing The Faith of George W. Bush. Although I had never read it I heard quite a great deal about it. On one side I head voices condemn it as propaganda, and a revisionist account of American history. On the other hand people held it up as proof that there was a committed Christian in the White House, which was a good reason to support President Bush. As the years went on Mansfield wrote books many other … [Read more...]

Facts about Global Christianity

Here are some interesting figures from Mark Noll's The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith.:• This past Sunday it is possible that more Christian believers attended church in China than in all of so-called “Christian Europe.” Yet in 1970 there were no legally functioning churches in all of China; only in 1971 did the communist regime allow for one Protestant and one Roman Catholic Church to hold public worship services, and this was mostly a concession t … [Read more...]