St. Cyprian on infant baptism

 I am a big proponent of infant baptism. I know many of our readers are not. Since my first child was born last week I thought this week would be a good one to highlight this quote by St. Cyprian and hopefully engage in conversation with anyone who would like to talk about the issue. Let me know what you think"In respect of the case of infants, which you say ought not to be baptized within the second or third day after birth, and that the law of ancient circumcision … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Sin (and why it’s good news)

Sin is a difficult issue to discuss because for most people it is a difficult thing to define. For many people sin is simply doing what is wrong. For others the donation of something as "wrong" is even a little irksome to them; sin in these cases is often defined as a transgression of certain laws, cultural norms, or taboos. If we see sin as transgression than the debate begins to swirl around the qualifiers of sin. People begin to ask questions like, "is  abortion wrong? is an active … [Read more...]

Courtship into Consummation: Erotic Poetry and Theosis

One of the most controversial and confusing books in the Bible is the Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon as it is often called.This book is a poem that shows the Movement of a woman and a man in courtship that moves into consummation.One could argue the Missio Dei is also an example of this movement. I think this is the reason that this book has often been used analogously to the life of God to his people.If we just look at the first five chapters there is a wealth of poetic imagery that could be … [Read more...]

Persons of Scripture: Hosea

The Book of Hosea recorded the oracles of a prophet named Hosea in the land of Israel just before Israel is conquered and crushed by the Assyrian armies. In the early chapters we find that Hosea proclaims his message not just by speaking, but through a prophetic action.God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute, and he does. Her name is Gomer.This becomes the backdrop for the messages that are recorded in the book. Hosea seeks out Gomer and tries to keep her from going out and sleeping with other … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving After Childbirth!

I am a father! My wife just gave birth to our son. I am so excited and don't have a lot of energy to write tonight. I thought I would post the prayer I prayed just after he was born:O God, Creator of life, You have again revealed Yourself in the beautiful mystery of birth;thank you for alleviating my wife's pain and holding Your protecting hand over her durring delivery. Thank You for Your mercy; it was Your power that persevered here, Your goodness that delivered her, Your hand that supported … [Read more...]

Saint of the Week: Teresa of Ávila

This weeks Saint is one beloved by much of the Western church. This week we remember Teresa of Ávila. She is known as one of the greatest mystics in the churches history. As a little girl she fell in love with reading the lives of the saints and ran away from home to search for Martyrdom with her brother. This attempt was foiled by their uncle who brought them home. When she grew older she became a Carmelite nun. In the convent she was frequently ill, but would experience moment of … [Read more...]

Can an Insult heal your soul?

This week's quote was brought to my attention by one of our new readers: Steve. He has a great Podcast which is where I head it. Thanks Steve! make sure you check out his blog Pithless Thoughts This quote will rock your world:“A person who suffers bitterly when slighted or insulted should recognize from this that he still harbors the ancient serpent in his breast. If he quietly endures the insult or responds with great humility, he weakens the serpent and lessens its hold. But if he replies … [Read more...]

5 ways do turn YouTube into an Effective Ministry tool

A few days ago we looked at Fr. Barron's arguments you God that he presents in YouTube videos. Talking about YouTube videos on this webpage is acutally somthing we do quite a great deal. Just look at our "videos" page and you can see just a few of the videos we've discussed here. The reason I do this is because I see a great deal of value in what YouTube CAN be used for... The problem is often is is NOT used.In an article for America Magazine Fr. Barron discusses his YouTube forays as a … [Read more...]

Scripture Remixed: The Theology of Allegorizing

Throughout most of Church history the study of scriptures was not undertaken using the historical critical method that is employed by most of the Biblical scholars today. Today most scholars seek to arrive at an understanding of what the author originally intended. However, in the ancient and medieval Church scripture was read for meaning at a basic level, looking for what the text seems to say on the surface, but than also read with the assumption that the text could be used to show meaning in … [Read more...]