God’s prerogative in “Missio Dei”

As we continue to explore the concept of "Missio Dei" together I would like to turn our attention to another area of the scriptures. This time I would like to took at the last five chapters of 1 Kings. These are chapters 18-22.Last week I brought up how the "Missio Dei" is both personal and difficult for the individual. This week I would like to look at the primacy of God's own perogitive in the "Missio Dei"There are two main characters in the final five chapters of 1 Kings: Elijah and … [Read more...]

John Chrysostom on Biblical Literacy – I wonder what he would say to the church today?

Today we have a word from John Chrysostom on the sad state Catechesis in the Church in his day (c. 347-407):"If you ask [Christians] who is Amos or Obadiah, how many apostles there were or prophets, they stand mute; but if you ask them about the horses or drivers, they answer with more solemnity than sophists or rhetors"I wonder what he would say to the church today? … [Read more...]

The Difficult, Personal call of “Missio Dei”

The concept of "Missio Dei" is roughly translated this means the initiation of God (as opposed to) man in the mission of redemption in the world. It's a theological perspective that gained a good deal of traction in the later 20th century it helps frame the narrative we see in the scriptures as something we enter into rather then something we bring ourselves.Few biblical stories demonstrate "Missio Dei" as clearly as the story of the Exodus. We all know the story of the … [Read more...]

Feast of the Week: The Nativity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Instead of a Saint of the week, I thought this week we might explore one of the Churches ancient feasts, "The Nativity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary." Most of us within the Protestant tradition don't give much thought to this feast, in fact  I believe only the Anglican communion has left it on their calendar. I personally think our disregard for this blessed day is a travesty. Mary was indeed the mother of  the Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true man, and so is rightly called … [Read more...]

St. Nicholas Cabasilas on the Sanctifying power of Liturgy

This week's patristic quote comes from Nicholas Cabasilas.  I personally believe that any sanctifying power comes through the Holy Spirit, however since I believe the spirit saturates the scripture I can get behind this. How do you all feel about it?"Because the Holy Scriptures contain divinely-inspired words and praises of God, and because they incite to virtue, they sanctify those who read or chant them."Nicholas Cabasilas"A Commentary on the Divine Liturgy" … [Read more...]

Sister Janet Mead – “The Lord’s Prayer” 1973

I ran into this song today. It's a little before my time, but it reminds me of a lot of the people I grew up around in the Word of God Community. … [Read more...]

Is Morality a Heresy?

I ran into this video via MYSTAGOGY in it Archbishop Lazar Puhalo is interviewed by OMNI Television host Randall Mark. They discuss some very interesting things.Here are some questions I walked away with:1) When does morality fall into the realm if heresy?2) What makes the eastern Orthodox understanding of Sin and Hell "different"?3) Is Atheism a rejection of the Western God, not just disbelief in God?4) Is the co-suffering of God opposed to a juridical understanding of soteriology?5) What … [Read more...]

Life Update: What we did in Alaska!

Joan and I have returned home from our adventure in Alaska this past June. The trip was both challenging and refreshing. We are so glad to have gone, but are also happy to settle back into our home in Chicago. We decided to go to Alaska about nine months ago when some close friends of ours told us about the work they had been doing at a Camp out in a section of Alaska called the Bush. The Bush is essentially a part of the state that is off the Road system. In Alaska most of the State is not … [Read more...]

Video: The Orthodox Church destroyed on 9/11 wants their church built

A little while ago I put up a video about the controversial mosque that was being put up near 'ground zero' in New York. In it a bunch of leaders lined up to talk about how the right of the muslim community to build there.This brought up an interesting issue. There was a Orthodox Church that was destroyed in 2001 in the 9/11 attacks that still has not been rebuilt. I thought it would be fair to post a conversation about it that Al Kresta had yesterday with someone closely related to this matter, … [Read more...]