I began reading There is a God” today. It’s a book by Antony Flew about his “conversion” to theism. I thought I might post a little about what I think. So far I have simply read the preface written by Roy Abraham Varghese. (pictured)The preface seems to break down into 4 general catigories.1. Who is Anotny Flew – Varghese goes over the Corpus of Works by Flew, and comments on his original systematic contributions to atheism. These I will let… Read more

Today I watched Religulous for the first time… I have to say I was very disappointed in it. It felt talking to a sixteen year-old. At 43:43 he talks to a guy who helped me pinpoint what I didn’t like about the film. He said “you have to live with people and their stupid Ideas.” Instead Bill Maher seems to focus on making fun of people.He tends to ask some really good questions, but the editing seems to be focused… Read more

After the last post one of my dear friends was concerned I was being a relativist by offering this series. You can read his response here. I thought it was a good criticism and although this post is indeed a continuation of the subject I want to make it clear that I am in no way teaching any of these perspectives as right or wrong. I want everyone to talk about what the Gospel is. As A christian I find… Read more

This week I will be posting a view different views on different ideas about the Gospel. It seems like almost every church has a different perspective on the issue.I’d like to hear what you think about each of these Ideas… Today I will share a video with you from One Eastern Orthodox perspective (although I am sure there are more).What do you take away from this? Read more

A few years ago my friend Scot told me about a friend of his that was coming to town and had invited his band to play at a church where he was speaking in Grand Rapids called Mars Hill. I checked it out and really enjoyed both their performance an the speaker. Since then it seems I can’t go anywhere without hearing about the speaker. His name is Shane Claiborne. It seems he’s at every conference, festival, church, and bookstore… Read more

Hey if you like my blog check out my twitter I try not to post too much stuff you won’t care about…Also Check out my new LOGO!My RSS: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/38956028.rssMy Address: http://twitter.com/BillyKangas Read more

Martin Luther King Jr was a minister who preached the Gospel by speaking truth to power. He spoke throughout the country and led marches and boycotts on behalf of the oppressed. He spoke against the injustice of racial segregation and using violence to acquire what you want. He put up with many persecutions for the sake of the Gospel. He was jailed, his house was bombed, he was maligned by many leaders of the church, but he would not back… Read more

Gianna Beretta Molla was a doctor, wife and mother. She spread the gospel in her work, and in her home by loving others more then herself. She considered all the duties in her life a way of serving God. Like many of us she struggled with feelings of inadequacy, but found happiness in giving thanks to God in every moment. Although she wanted to become a missionary to Brazil, poor health kept her at home. When she become pregnant with… Read more

Dorthy Day was a Journalist who after a spiritual awakening turned her experience in publishing to spreading the Gospel through a magazine called “The Catholic Worker.” In it she inspired people with the message of Social Justice found in the scriptures, and in the church. This grew into a “house of hospitality” in the slums of New York City and then a series of farms for people to live together communally. The movement continues to grow around the world combining… Read more

At Mission Christ we have been speaking about spiritual disciplines. These are basically ways we can serve and seek God in our daily lives. So far we have been talking about Singing, Giving, and reading Scripture in a more contemplative way called Lectio Divina Today we are going to be talking about Evangelism. I thought I might post a few of my heroes over the course of this week. There are a lot of people who I consider to be… Read more

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