The Use of the Bible in Preaching: Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is a major evangelical author and speaker. She is most well known for her TV in radio presentations which she has been doing for over 20 years. For a long time her broadcasts were entitled "Life in the Word." This week I read through Part of Seven Things That Steal your Joy by Meyer. The chapter I read entitled “Be Uncomplicated.” In this particular chapter there seemed to be a whole lot of life, but not much word.The chapter opens up with two verses from John (10:9-10) where Jesus st … [Read more...]

Synagogue 3000

Synagogue 3000 is trying to empower congregations and communities to create synagogues that are sacred and vital centers of Jewish life. So far they have developed a leadership network and a synagogue studies research initiative. The leadership network includes rabbis, cantors, and artists who are creating alternatives to traditional structures and have formed two working groups: one on spiritual leadership and one on emergent sacred communities. I've been reading articles on their site today … [Read more...]

What does an Image tell us…

When Christianity first got started images were not used in worship. They were viewed in the same class as Idols... We now live in a culture in which everything is distilled into an image. I thought I would post three questions and some quotes to stimulate thought...Why do we create Images?“Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be.”- Marshall McL … [Read more...]

Amahoro Africa

Have you heard of "Amahoro Africa"? It's a network of African chruches who are trying to live out the message of the kingdom Jesus spoke about. Take a look at this video then check out their Web page and Blog … [Read more...]

Our Identity in John’s Gospel Part VI: Unmasking Darkness

I do desire to walk in the light of Jesus, at least I do sometimes. When I read the gospels I want to stand up and declare that I will obey Jesus wherever I go, but obedience is a hard thing in John, and in life. Jesus doesn’t just shatter the teachers, the leaders, and the Samaritans. He even confronts those closest to him. Peter boasts he will lay down his life for Christ, but when that looks like it might become a reality he denies with words completely antithetical to the “I am statements.” I … [Read more...]

Our Identity in John’s Gospel Part V: Unmasking Hunger

After Jesus feeds the five-thousand in chapter six he delivers a chilling address to those who follow him. The people look to him as a new Moses, one who will feed them and take care of their needs. Jesus rejects this idea and delivers a statement that sends discontent throughout the crowd, “I am the Bread of Life,” he says. This is one of the famous “I Am statements” in John. Through this he demonstrates that his identity is that of God’s.The people come hungry for a feeding like they got on the … [Read more...]

Our Identity in John’s Gospel Part IV: Unmasking the Women at the Well, Among Other Things

By the time we get to chapter four we’ve seen Jesus shatter the ego of the Temple establishment in chapter two and a member of the Jewish ruling council in chapter three. In chapter four Jesus goes after someone that seems the antithesis of power and prestige, a Samaritan woman. He confronts both the attitudes toward her, and her own crisis of Identity.By talking to this women Jesus was assaulting the ego of his own followers. Both women and Samaritans were seen as at the bottom of the social l … [Read more...]

Our Identity in John’s Gospel Part III: Unmasking Nicodemus

The most famous unmasking encounter is in the conversation with Nicodemus. Here Jesus confronts the darkness directly and calls a man to a new kind of truth. In this passage a member of the ruling council named Nicodemus comes to talk to Jesus. It is notable that he comes at night. In fact it’s to him that Jesus says, “Men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.” Speaking to a man who would only come to him under the blanket of night gives this passage a new ferocity. In th … [Read more...]

Are we actually called to live “The Sermon on the mount??” – 10 Views

Have you read The Sermon on the mount: the modern quest for its meaning By Clarence Bauman? You can at Google Books HERE I find the study VERY interesting...Here are 10 of the perspectives you can find in the book.... Leonhard Ragaz argued the Sermon on the Mount is no utopia or fantasy. It is realistic.It is to be fulfilled here and now. The kingdom is a political and social matter. He sought to use the Sermon to develop a comprehensive plan for social reform. He labeled the Sermon on the Mount … [Read more...]