Paths to God: Week 1

Ok here is a question: Name as many forms of prayer as you can think of! Many of you probably thought of traditional forms similar to the Lord’s Prayer. Some may have thought or praying in tongues. A number of you could have though of guided prayer, or prayer books. Still others may have thought of prayers of intercession, for the sake of an individual, a city, or any thing else. There are prayers of desperation where one might call out in times of despair or trial, and there are prayers of r … [Read more...]

One True Faith??

A reader, mark, recently asked me how "I know mine is the 'One and Only True Faith'" I thought I would put my response up here for everyone to comment on. I don’t really know that. Faith is something that shows me something of God, but not him entirely. There is always the possibility that God is much bigger then my own faith. In fact a God that wasn’t would be very troublesome to me. I personally believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, but what that entails is far beyond me. Jesus C … [Read more...]

“Creativity” – Top Ten Things to get catch an idea

I'm working on a set of guidelines for creating lessons at MissionChrist I created this list as a resource and thought you all might like to take a look at it.Creativity is one of the main ways we are created in God's image. He is a creator, in fact in Genesis 1:1 the fact that he is a creating is the only thing we know about God. The Bible begins by introducing us to God, not with a name or a linage, or even an image. All we know is that he creates.We'll probably talk about this a lot more in … [Read more...]

Senator Barack Obama on Faith and Religion

Over the past few months it seems I have heard no end to examinations of Barack Obama’s Christian faith. The remarks of his former pastor Jeremiah Wright have fueled a firestorm of criticism and investigation into exploring what Senator Obama’s faith is composed of. In his address entitled “Call to renewal” Senator Obama sets out to “reconcile faith with our modern, pluralistic democracy.” In this speech Obama relates his personal journey to Christianity, and responds to critics of his faith. Alt … [Read more...]

A Parable

One upon a time there was a young bride who left her home to be married to the Lord of the Land. On her way she fell into the hands of bandits. The bandits ripped her gown, took her money, beat her, and ran off laughing leaving her to die. Soon two fine society ladies came along the path. They saw her lying there, and spoke to one another saying, “Isn’t that the bride of the Lord whose wedding we are going to? You’d think the Lord would be able to pick a better wife look how messy she is! Her … [Read more...]

Disturb us Lord – Sir Francis Drake

I will not be in touch with computers much in the coming weeks. While I'm gone I thought I would leave this prayer for you all. I hope you can find the same life in it that I did. Take some time set your heart of God. Then read this prayer aloud slowly and thoughtfully. Take a breath between every line. Alright here you go!Disturb us Lord"Disturb us, Lord, when we are too well pleased with ourselves,When our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little,When we arrived safely because … [Read more...]

Anti-Trash Election!

Alright I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this but this year in the United States we will be voting for who will be our next President! There are so many people you can vote for it’s amazing, but only two have a shot at winning right now. There’s been a lot of trash talk lately about their stances on all sorts of things, but I want to have an ANTI-Trash Talk time. You can say anything about the person you’re voting for, or who you’d want to win. Or even an ideal candidate, but you CAN’T say a … [Read more...]

Viva La Pollution

Does anyone remember that show Captain Planet? For those of you who weren't watching cartoons in 1990 I'll fill you in. Captain Planet is our hero, and he's gonna take pollution down to zero.As you can see above Capitan Planet (The blue guy on the left) is an environmental super hero. He has a bunch of teenagers follow him around and save the world from "looters and polluters" (this foul lot can be seen on the right!)The villains in this show had a strange thing for polluting as much as they … [Read more...]


What is it about an itch? What is it about the way an itch can drive you mad? Why is it that the whole world can seem to fade away with a little itch caused by nothing at all? Just think about your whole body itching all over. It’s itching and you can’t do anything about it. Now how many of you just had to scratch yourself somewhere?For some reason an itch can be contagious! Just saying the word itch can create the sensation in others! It’s not like itch is some magic word or anything. The same p … [Read more...]