When the world was six days old God decided that he was ready to pull out the big guns. He rolled up his sleeves and created humanity. He took some dust and breathed on it, and the bible tells us that the dust became man. He called the man of the ground Adam, which was a good name for him, but I guess that goes without saying because God is the one who named him, and God… well he pretty… Read more

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to speak once again to the great folks over at Mission. I’m doing a three part series on giving. This week we talked about giving in the context of worshiping God. Every person has talents and abilities that are unique to themselves. I believe these are all things we should use:1. For Others2. To Worship God3. In every context we find ourselvesI thought some of you might be interested in listening in on… Read more

I haven’t seen the movie Expelled. But I have been engaged with the issues involved in intelligent design, and creation science for some time now. I am continually frustrated by both Christians, and non-Christians on the issue of Intelligent Design. I personally believe in God, but am of the opinion that in Public schools God should be taught in world view and religion classes, not classes that teach the empirical sciences. This is not a view I have always held…. Read more

Last week I gave a talk at missionchrist about forgiveness. I decided I should post it for all of you too! Give it a listen and tell me what you think! Read more

Alright election season is here and I find myself caught up in the whole hoopla just like everyone else. I have found myself moved by speeches. I have gone to rallies, and completely confused about what I should do come November. The question in my mind is simple. Can I vote? And if so who can I vote for. This is a question that each of us should face. For some of us the answer is simple. If you are… Read more

Alright it’s DONE!For those of you who missed it the Galatians Series is up in it’s entirety.This book really changed my life. Over the last two months I’ve been going over this book with the MissionChrist community, as well as the youth at St. Luke. Please give it a listen. i know it’s about 5 hours worth of stuff, but I really think you might enjoy it!peace!! Read more

Time’s interview With Tom Wright (or N.T. Wright as he is published)Ok read the interview above… Then come back.Did you read it?? Good. Now we can talk.I will pretend like you all are Christians for this entry, but please… for those of you who aren’t just see this as me talking mostly to myself. I want to hear everyones perspective.For those of you with a background in Philosophy I’d be particularly interested in your perspective on how Plato has been… Read more

OK, Here it is guys.My Brother, Gordon Kangas, is a stand up comedian.He is also a Christian!!I know it’s amazing, but somehow he navigates loving God and being hilarious at the same time.I know it seems like an irreconcilable paradox, on par with the hypostatic union, but it’s true.The video above is a recording of a show he did last year at a local coffee shop which sparked a ton of controversy. There were some Christians in the audience who… Read more

Alright I’ve been working on a series that goes through all of Galatians for a while now.What I have here is a lot of listening for you. I’m not sure you all can handle it.Each week I spent around 45 min going though a passage until we finished the whole book.I already posted week one a while back but I’m going to post week 1 -5 with it now. Weeks 6-8 will be up in a week or so.Week 1:… Read more

Hey there! Next month I’m organizing a Worship service for all the area campus ministries called Gloria. Gloria is a gathering Christians of all backgrounds for a time of worship of our God. In this season of tests, stress, full schedules, and headaches we can come together and remember that our lives are centered on Christ. And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. 1 Cor. 12: 5 (nasb) This verse always inspires me! It’s going to be… Read more

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