Tattooed Jesus Part II

In the last post we talked a lot about why people get tattoos. But I didn’t mention the primary reason I get tattoos. For me a tattoo is more then anything an expression of who I am at a point in my life. For me the process of getting a tattoo is something like this. Inspiration – I often find an image or an idea for a tattoo. If it’s an idea I try to create it with my limited artistic ability.Archive – I take these Ideas and archive them in a folder called tattoo ideas. Mos … [Read more...]


Sorry for the delays I've been really busy with a series and some coffee stuff. We'll hopefully have my Galatians series up here soon, and also part 2 of tattoo Jesus stuff!I got an E-Mail this morning from a friend and I thought I'd post it and my response. I think it's an important issue to think about.This is one of those issues about which I am completely torn apart. I know a lot of people reading this will differ greatly so I am asking you guys to respond in love. Thanks!Hey Billy, this is … [Read more...]

Tattooed Jesus

These days tattoos are everywhere. All the kids are getting them and ever a good number of grandma’s are jumping on the ink n’ needle train. And I think that’s splendid. I love tattoos! I really do. I have 9 at the time of writing this and I’m working on a new piece with a friend of mine this week which will hopefully make it to an epidermis near you soon. But why do people get tattoos? Sometimes a tattoo comes from a desire to be accepted by your peers, to seem ‘cool’ or to impress people you r … [Read more...]

Peace on Earth pt 2

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks advent talk... heres another one as long as we're on the subject of talks no longer relevant to the liturgical calendar. or the mp3 one is called Gold Frankincenses and Cigarettes Tell me what you think.I gave another talk last week but I think I lost about half the audio. If anyone wants me to post it I will just comment... I WANT IT and I will... if not. Oh well! … [Read more...]

Peace on Earth pt 1

During advent I did a historical series on Christmas at both MissionChrist and St. Luke I had a TON of fun doing it. I thought I'd post links to the audio files for those of you who are interested.This week check out the first one!the mp3 can also be acquired HERE … [Read more...]

Goats, Granola, and Guatemala

The Following is a sample chapter from a book I'm Working on... Please let me know what you think!-Billy It all started with a goat. At least that’s how the legend goes. A herder in Eastern Ethiopia noticed members of the herd had an extra bounce to their step. The goats had been doing what goats do best, eating whatever they find. And what they found were coffee cherries. Soon the goats were prancing around like the cast of Riverdance, and the herder decided to try some too. The rest is h … [Read more...]

Identity and Church

This morning I was supposed to teach at my old home congregation. I woke up dug my car out of a pile of snow and skidded into Ann Arbor where my suspicions were confirmed that church was cancelled. There was however a small remnant there that had come to prepare the morning meal for the Youth Group, which it didn’t look like would have the critical mass present to proceed. This created a bit of a quandary. There were stacks of pancakes and no one to eat them. The early service had NOT been c … [Read more...]

Joy to the World

Joy is an elusive shadow. It is not a tangible substance, but rather aura that seems to surround certain, people, experiences, or achievements. I long for it in the morning, strive for it in the day, and more often then I’d like sleep without it at night. So many things can cause joy. Just the other day while waking down the side walk I was overcome with the joy of skating across the concrete on a fresh sheet of Ice. I am often filled with joy as I have my first cup of coffee in the morning, see … [Read more...]

Epoch Conference?

For the last few years a number of us in Ann Arbor Michigan have been meeting periodically discussing what it means to be followers of Jesus in the world that surrounds us. There have been a lot of insights and benefits to these discussions. We’ve been frustrated somewhat by the silence of the church as a whole on many of the issues and philosophies that most effect us in our day to day lives.Epoch is an attempt to create a forum in which anyone, and everyone has a voice in the dialogue. Unlike m … [Read more...]