The Galatians Series

Alright I've been working on a series that goes through all of Galatians for a while now.What I have here is a lot of listening for you. I'm not sure you all can handle it.Each week I spent around 45 min going though a passage until we finished the whole book.I already posted week one a while back but I'm going to post week 1 -5 with it now. Weeks 6-8 will be up in a week or so.Week 1: Galatians 1:1-5 - Glory to and from heavenDownloadWeek 2: Galatians 1:5-10 - Gospel and CurseDownloadWeek 3: … [Read more...]


Hey there! Next month I'm organizing a Worship service for all the area campus ministries called Gloria. Gloria is a gathering Christians of all backgrounds for a time of worship of our God. In this season of tests, stress, full schedules, and headaches we can come together and remember that our lives are centered on Christ. And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. 1 Cor. 12: 5 (nasb) This verse always inspires me! It's going to be on April 10 at 8pm New Life … [Read more...]

John Piper and the Prosperity Gospel

My Friend Ron Just showed me this video this weekend.For me it was a powerful reminder of some things about God that sometimes I forget.Check it out!I am curious how some of you guys feel about this little video. In particular my readers who fall somewhere outside Christianity. But I'd love to hear from everyone.What should the church do in third world countries? I've been reading "Everything Must Change" by Brian McLaren recently. Has anyone read this book?We have been given so much... how do … [Read more...]

Blood Curse

This week I went to mass with my Girlfriend, who is a catholic, and the account of the crucifixion found in Matthew was read. One verse in particular stuck out to both of us. It’s found in chapter twenty-seven. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. It’s known as “the bood curse:” In the greek it reads: Ιδων δε ο Πιλατος οτι ουδεν ωφελει αλλα μαλλον θορυβος γινεται, λαβων υδωρ απενιψατο τας χειρας απεναντι του οχλου, λεγων αθωος ειμι απο του αιματος του δικαιου τουτου; υμεις οψεσθε. Και απ … [Read more...]

Galatians Part 1: Glory to and From heaven

I recently began a conversation with MissionChrist about the book of Galatians.I'd really love to hear what people think about this. … [Read more...]

Tattooed Jesus Part II

In the last post we talked a lot about why people get tattoos. But I didn’t mention the primary reason I get tattoos. For me a tattoo is more then anything an expression of who I am at a point in my life. For me the process of getting a tattoo is something like this. Inspiration – I often find an image or an idea for a tattoo. If it’s an idea I try to create it with my limited artistic ability.Archive – I take these Ideas and archive them in a folder called tattoo ideas. Mos … [Read more...]


Sorry for the delays I've been really busy with a series and some coffee stuff. We'll hopefully have my Galatians series up here soon, and also part 2 of tattoo Jesus stuff!I got an E-Mail this morning from a friend and I thought I'd post it and my response. I think it's an important issue to think about.This is one of those issues about which I am completely torn apart. I know a lot of people reading this will differ greatly so I am asking you guys to respond in love. Thanks!Hey Billy, this is … [Read more...]

Tattooed Jesus

These days tattoos are everywhere. All the kids are getting them and ever a good number of grandma’s are jumping on the ink n’ needle train. And I think that’s splendid. I love tattoos! I really do. I have 9 at the time of writing this and I’m working on a new piece with a friend of mine this week which will hopefully make it to an epidermis near you soon. But why do people get tattoos? Sometimes a tattoo comes from a desire to be accepted by your peers, to seem ‘cool’ or to impress people you r … [Read more...]

Peace on Earth pt 2

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks advent talk... heres another one as long as we're on the subject of talks no longer relevant to the liturgical calendar. or the mp3 one is called Gold Frankincenses and Cigarettes Tell me what you think.I gave another talk last week but I think I lost about half the audio. If anyone wants me to post it I will just comment... I WANT IT and I will... if not. Oh well! … [Read more...]