Abortion Doctors: The Hitlers Of America

  • John A.

    Abortion doctors are doings God’s will according to the YRR. If they are doing God’s will then they are righteous. Their can be not sin if everyone is doing God’s will.

  • Gaspa

    Godwin’s Law

  • numenian

    The Right-leaning love to make the Left-leaning hitlerian in their policies but Hiler’s government was Right Wing. Just because it had “socialist” in its name does not make it Leftist. Removing the rights of citizens is a Right Wing agenda. However immoral aortion may be, taking away the right of choice to have an abortion is hitlerian.

    Abortion is legal in this country. Those doctors that perform aortions, no matter how heinous this act, are acting within the law, which is not hitlerian. Hitlerian is looking to nullify the Constitutional right to abortion by certain legislations in the states, all appropriately Right Wing.

    The psychic toll on this nation of abortion is difficult to fully assess, yet it is abundantly clear: we appear to have lost our moral compass. As much as I may like to join in to the author’s condemnation of Abortion Doctors as hitlerian, that just happens to be furthest from the truth.