Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge – A Poem


For the record, we will not be going to the big party on the Golden Gate Bridge to celebrate its 75th Birthday. While I am sure it will be great fun, it’s going to be crazy crowded. We are your typical San Francisco locals: it took us 14 years to visit Alcatraz, our kids have only been on a Cable car a few times, and, yes, we love mocking shivering tourists who think California = warm.

Still, the Golden Gate Bridge is a pretty awesome piece of architecture and an important part of our history and as part of her 3rd grade class project, our youngest daughter wrote a birthday poem to the beautiful Golden Gate!


You are 8,981 feet long
and I hear your lonely song,
why don’t they build another bridge to keep you company?

I hear the cars race across you,
some of the cars are very new
and some of the cars are very old
but they are all very bold,
why aren’t you gold?

You are called The Golden Gate Bridge
I’ve looked up to you since I was born, ever since I believed in unicorns,

you stay strong when it rains,
you stay strong when you have pains
that’s why I love you so much.

So sad to know that she no longer believes in unicorns 😉

*Shared with permission from said 3rd grader.

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  • Alison

    I was looking for a poem to share with my third grade class as we read “Pop’s Bridge” by Eve Bunting next week! I can’t wait to share your poem and inspire some more poetry!

  • Janet Bohren

    Wonderful poem your daughter wrote!