Apparently I am a San Francisco “Pissed off Voter” . . . Sort Of.


Now I know that some people value the idea that people can vote and people need not know how they voted, but being the transparent blogging fool that I am with just a smidge of influence in some areas, I am going to go ahead and share how I voted and what I think is important about today’s San Francisco Election.

Much to my surprise I am a “Pissed Off Voter” as I align greatly with this voters guide put out by the League of Young Voters. I have no affiliation with them, but want offer some kudos for dropping their guide at one of my favorite cafes. I ended up agreeing with all of their positions on propositions and appreciated their attempt at providing some nuance to some of items. Any voter guide that has “Yes, but . . .” or “No, but . . .” as their response understands that nothing is as simple as the doorhangers and radio commercials would like us to believe. Good peeps so be sure to gives some social media love:  Facebook, Twitter and tumblr.

So here it goes, 2012 San Francisco Voter Guide according to Bruce:

  • Washington – I generally vote along party lines, for as much as I appreciate individuals who bring new ideas, I think that the nature of Washington politics requires a consolidated common vision. At this point in our political climate, the overall Democratic platform still most resonates with me. And yes, that makes me somewhat of a conservative in San Francisco. Seriously.
  • YES on Proposition 28, Term Limits: I have always felt that term limits were foolish, reactionary and short-sighted. When they first passed in CA, the fear was that lobbyists would then have more power over the long term. Ding Ding Ding. I say if a politician is not doing a good job, vote them out. Not far enough for me, but Prop 28 is a step in the right direction.
  • YES on Proposition 29, Cigarette Tax Increase: One dollar more money to buy cigarettes: deterrent and fund generator. Big time Yes.
  • NO on Proposition A, Recycling Contracts: This was a “No, But . . .” for me as well. Voting no with the knowledge that we have a great recycling program in San Francisco and there are probably better ways to improve the process.
  • YES on Proposition B, Coit Tower Usage: I was pretty ambivalent about this one and am not big on voting on statements that have no legal teeth. That said, I am voting yes just to make sure that decision makers know that there is a general vibe out there about how public space is used.
  • Democratic County Central Committee: You are on your own, though if you want a few names depending on your district: John Avalos, Leah Pimentel, David Campos, David Chiu and Eric Mar. Lots of other good folks, but you’ll have to read our ballot for more.

I think that’s it. Make sure you get out and vote vite vote vote!

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