Lisa Sharon Harper Gets it Right on Affirmative Action

Folks in the US should check out this brilliant piece by Lisa Sharon Harper. Quotable:

Now consider this: We have made only two generations of progress after 17 generations of comprehensive, structural, systematized, and racialized oppression. And the effects of that oppression still haunt us today.According to a February 2013 Brandeis University Institute on Assets and Social Policy study, the wealth gap between white and black Americans in the United States grew from $85,070 in 1984 to $236,500 in 2009….

More than 330 years of racialized oppression has created just such a need among people of color in our larger society. We must not miss this opportunity to realize and learn from the impacts of our racialized past on the plight and outlook of current generations of Americans. Rather, garnered by the faith that Jesus cares for all and is committed to all and can raise from the dead, we must join Jesus in the work of restoration and call on our nation to do likewise.

(See this excellent piece by Lisa also.) Thanks, Lisa.

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