Getting My Ducks in a Row–Nesting and Stroller Advice

I am the type of person that is always “nesting” even without a baby getting ready to make his appearance. Baby on the horizon only increases this compulsion. We purchased another baby monitor, located the infant car seat and co-sleeper and I made my husband go through his clothes this weekend. If I’m not laying down on my left side, something is being organized.

We finally completed our wills this week and had them notarized at Daddy’s office (what is it about long office hallways that invite little boys to run at top speed until they go straight into someone’s office?). Even though these concern temporal matters, it gives me much peace knowing these documents are in place. I seriously encourage everyone to have something down on paper should the unexpected happen. We followed the advice of several lawyers and didn’t hire a lawyer, but used Quicken Willmaker instead. It also allowed us to make and have notarized other forms that authorize grandma to seek medical treatment for the kids, etc.

The one thing that I am still hoping to figure out before our little man arrives is how to make our double stroller work for 3. Has anyone tried the Lascal Buddy Board stroller platforms? I know they are expensive, but with as much as we go to the park and the pool and with gas prices so high, I am trying to figure out how to convey 3 kids under 3 if my back can’t handle the sling for 12 hours a day. I called the company and, because of the handlebar on my Combi double stroller, they said it wasn’t a great fit, but that the Basic buddy board would work better than the Maxi one. Are there any other options that I don’t know about?

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