The Joys of Expecting

While pregnancy offers more than a few hang-ups, here are some things I’ve been reveling in as I enter the 36th week:

* not ever having to “suck in”
* the extra TLC from my hubby (what a good guy he is!)
* the excuse of not wearing tie shoes (can you really reach your feet anyway?)
* the kind, pitiful glances from passersby (who doesn’t love a little pity? ūüėČ
* the excuse of sitting down and “propping”
* the companionship of a wee one
* the baby’s feet sticking out my side (I really do enjoy this!)
* the excuse of ordering a waffle cone 
* knowing I am carrying a little miracle with me all the time
* the prospect of a new life in our family
* seeing my baby’s brothers get so excited to meet him
* new baby things that are beginning to grace our home
* old hand-me-down, faithful items that are resurfacing from storage
What do you love about pregnancy?

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