Full Disclosure

In light of Mary Alice’s post in which she is seeking the right type of loving discipline for her daughter who has cut her hair for the fourth time (please post any thoughts on this in the comments section of that post!), Mr. Incredible is demanding that I post the following picture of Dash.

I know that everyone has pictures of their kids with a big chunk of hair missing from some point during their childhood. However, the child is usually to blame for these hairstyles. Who do you think is responsible for Dash’s new look?

The short answer: Texas Mommy.

The long answer: Texas Mommy….but, let me explain. I needed to cut Dash’s hair on Saturday morning. Mr. Incredible was in the bathroom as well, and Dash insisted that Daddy cut his hair instead of Mommy. It usually takes me twelve seconds to cut the back and sides of Dash’s hair with the clippers. Mr. Incredible was going on twelve minutes (it probably didn’t help that I was standing over his shoulder telling him what to do and to do it faster). As you can imagine, a 3 year old doesn’t have much patience for a haircut, so Mr. Incredible eventually handed me the clippers and left the bathroom to let me finish Dash’s hair quickly. I was going to finish the right side with the clippers, not noticing that Mr. Incredible had taken off the guard to trim the back of Dash’s neck.

Ahem, whoops.

Motherhood can be very humbling! Fortunately Dash has no idea!

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