Let The Guessing Begin!

As our dear Kat shared in her last post, the newest Building Cathedral cherub should be making his/her appearance no later than tomorrow! What joy!

We already know the baby’s relative due date, but can surely have a little fun guessing the baby’s:
1) GENDER–Kat has one of each, so the odds are truly 50/50!;
2) WEIGHT–Kat’s C was 7lbs. 13oz. and little M was 8lbs. 8oz.;
and 3) TIME of arrival–she’s had previous babies in both the morning and afternoon.
So here are my predictions–1) Boy, 2) 8lbs. 3oz., 3) 4:30pm
Many prayers and blessings to Kat for a beautiful, healthy, and joy-filled delivery. We can’t wait to meet our newest BC bundle!

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