The Dillema of the Modern Catholic Mother

100% unposed.

Possible titles: “Jezebel gets a lesson.” “Catholic School for Wooden Princesses.” or “Mother-Daughter Homeschool Compromise.”

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Land's End Warning: Order School Uniforms, Get Porn
Cleaning Out Before Christmas
  • Kat

    Love it! Because our oldest is a boy, we don't have a lot of the princess stuff yet, but Maria LOVES it when she gets to play dress-up at other girls' homes :) I'm so impressed that they can actually walk in those high heels – plastic, no less!Thanks for a glimpse into your life, AWOL.

  • Jennifer in MN

    What, that's not St Elizabeth of Hungary!?….she was a princess :)

  • Right Said Red


  • Logger Blogger Mom

    Guilty Grandma for sending princess crafts….but I think I also sent the Children's Bible. And I do believe the princess was very modestly clothed so you can name her Princess Chastity and not lose any ground.

  • texas mommy

    AWOL, your mom is hilarious! I remember thinking that she was awesome when I met her some years ago!