The Futile and Joyful W/a 2-Yr. Old Male

I have a 2.33 year-old son who revolutionizes my parenting daily. Many times strangers and friends alike have either commented that he is “all boy” or “soo two”…. neither of which I think were particularly complimentary. He gives me no peace in his waking hours, but I don’t think he has been sad for a moment in his life. Totally exuberant.

As much trouble as this middle guy makes, I am still rewarded with little puffs of refreshment from the Holy Spirit every once in awhile. Or rather, moments of humor – I credit the Holy Spirit with both in my life. Last night I had to smile as I carefully folded and smoothed a pair of his brown courduroy pants to be put away. I laughed as I thought, “how hysterical that I am meticulously folding these little 2T outfits that will be dirty and rumpled within seconds of them going on him.” The actions of folding this boy’s clothes are almost laughable. Yet the Holy Spirit helps me over the futile folding with thoughts of smoothing love and attention through my palms in hope that these emotions seep through his pores later when he wears that particular pair of pants or shirt. The joyful moment with Whirlwind Boy came over me just an hour ago as we lay in his trundle bed surrounded in Bob The Builder sheets. He was going down for his afternoon nap, and do you know what those chubby long arms did? The arms that get him in trouble all day for pushing, hitting, hammering, or throwing…. those little appendages wrapped around my neck and pulled my nose right up to his as his breathing became deeper and deeper and he fell asleep. The most peaceful 2 hours this apartment sees daily are now underway, and I just wanted to ensure I captured these futile and joyful tidbits of life with a 2yr.-old boy.

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  • Karen

    Some people might not say it as a compliment, but I think it is a good thing. After all, what is the alternative? So when someone says that about one of my boys, I proudly say yes, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is good to hear from the sunny side, thanks for the glimpse.

  • Jen

    Thank you!I, too, have an exuberant, joyful, whirlwind boy who has his sweet and adorable moments. This post made me tear up. 🙂

  • Right Said Red

    I tend to think a broken bone or two is just a rite of passage for little guys like this, haha!

  • texas mommy

    Yes and yes. Those moments of joy are so wonderful to recognize and remember during those other moments!! I feel your pain (and joy), AWOL!

  • Dianna@KennedyAdventures

    And now, I want to go home and snuggle up with my wild, crazy, and incredibly sweet twin boys who are just shy of two years old. I tell folks all the time that they are so wild and crazy, but will stop in the midst of the chaos, and run to me for a kiss. Completely and totally priceless.

  • AWOL Mommy

    Red, it is a miracle that we have only been to the ER for a split lip thus far, a miracle.Glad you all feel me on the two year old male duality, let's enjoy them while we have them!

  • B-Mama

    Oh they are precious, indeed! Enough to make you want to scratch your nails on a chalkboard and then write a soliloquy in cursive. I love this glimpse at your boy world!! He is going to be such an adventure to raise and a dear solace to your heart, at times. Wish we could get our all-boys together sometime… Soon?