A Relevant Pictograph

Today we graphed family shoe preference on our living room floor as our Kindergarten math lesson. Examine blue row: “crocs.”

Ha! Take that, MA. and you are the one who recommended the Saxon math home school curriculum! We love it, but we love plastic Swiss Cheese shoes more.

  • JurisMater

    AWOL, awesome. Some of those Crocs are more (relative term) stylish than the usual design. You fashionista. Mary Jane Crocs may just make me take a second look : )Did your Saxon lesson plan for today actually assign this?

  • AWOL Mommy

    Yes! Isn't that a crazy coincidence?!

  • Mary Alice

    We graph our halloween candy, but that is pretty cool…

  • B-mama

    I was almost wooed by the wedge sandal crocs this season. Just didn't know if I could stomach the $40 pricetag… for formed plastic. I've never made the croc leap, but have been close many times. You all are making me reconsider!