I love my Wrap-n-Mats

I love my Wrap-n-Mats August 4, 2010

We learned about these handy helpers from our friend L, who orders them in bulk and sells them as a fund raiser for her LaLeche League group, and they have made picnics such a snap for me – no more baggies to buy and throw away, and the kids have a plate for their sandwich when they open the mat.  You can choose from many different fabrics, so each child can have their own and you won’t need to be pulling apart sandwiches to remember which one has mayo.  They even help keep the counters clean as I make the sandwiches right on the open mats, a great help on a busy morning when we are running out the door.  I have to go and pack up some PB&J for the park right now, but I just wanted to make sure that you all know about the easy, wonderful wrap-n-mats.  I am going to order some of the pouch style so that we can have our snacks-n-sides ready to go in the same way.  Happy August!

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  • Kat

    These look great, MA! Have you had any concerns about the plastic that lines the wraps? Also, do you have the “made in USA” or “made in China” versions?

  • JurisMater

    What a cool concept!!

  • Mary Alice

    The woman I buy them from is a super crunchy environmentalist, so I think they are probably okay. I know that she doesn't use anything with BPA. For us, in the past I was using ziplock bags, which definately have a “not good for you” chemical odor, so I am sure this is an improvement. I will check in to country of origin though, always worth asking.

  • rightsaidred

    very cool

  • Texas Mommy

    We have loved our snack taxis for several years (snacktaxi.com). I have one design for each boy in various sizes. They have made plastic bags obselete, except for holding the occasional really cool bug! They are made in the USA and tested to be lead and phthalate free!