A Dress

I found myself at a shopping mall recently on my way to the airport for the first (and probably last) time in a very long time and I saw this dress and thought it was so very cute. Now I am not a fashionista (a good chunk of my wardrobe is still from high school) and I am not even particularly fond of shopping, because it eats into weekend time. So I had to really think for a few minutes about why this dress briefly caught my eye. And then it dawned on me…it looks just like a sling across the front.

And that is a look with which I am very comfortable!

(And that is as profound as I will attempt to be this wednesday morning).

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  • B-mama

    Tex, lol! And don't you love how most of regular fashion now looks almost maternity? It's like I can never get away from the flowy empire waist!

  • rightsaidred

    Love it! It does look like a sling across the front and a great color too. Did you buy it?

  • Texas Mommy

    Yes, B, love that I can buy current trends from Target and repurpose them as maternity apparel!nnNope, Red, didn’t buy it. What I need are pants that don’t have holes in the knees. Too much time changing diapers and building castles just wears them right through.

  • Anonymous

    Tex, I always tell myself it’s the frequent genuflecting that wears through the right knee in all my pairs of pants. So you think it’s motherhood and not personal piety that causes that? Darn.

  • Texas Mommy

    While I think this is the case for Mr. Incredible, my holes are probably more indirectly related to piety…having 3 kids in diapers at the same time and the consequential time on the floor with them is at least some indication of being open many blessings!nnFor Mr. I’s knees, I think it is the carpet-covered kneelers that do it. We need to import some solid wood kneelers worn smooth by centuries of faithful prayer warriors from Europe from the churches that now function as tourist attractions for architecture students rather than parishes.

  • Mary Alice

    The first time I went on an Opus Dei retreat my quads were so sore — it took me a while to figure out that it was from the genuflecting, it is like lunges all day long! nn

  • B-mama

    We should totally make a workout for Catholics, involving circuits of genuflecting, kneeling, and the like. lol. For anyone offended, I’m really kidding!!!!

  • julie

    I’m still stuck on the sentence “a good chunk of my wardrobe is still from high school”rnvery impressive…after having four nursing babies, I can not get my…well nevermind…

  • Erin

    Sue J. did a work out class for Catholics at N.D.– “spiritual fitness”– we did circuits while saying Hail Marys! But, no genuflecting as we weren’t actually in a church 🙂