Meet our new friends

May I introduce you to some of our new friends?

Meet Elephant and Piggie:

We first met them over Thanksgiving when I blindly put a ridiculous number of books on hold so that we would have oodles to read when we were  in St. Louis visiting family. I just looked up some authors that we like and clicked away, never hitting any sort of limit. (Our main library in Texas only allows you to put 10 books on hold at a time. But they do allow you to check them out from your car window and not unload 3 boys in the rain to pick up books. So I can’t complain. Well, maybe a little. But I suppose the limit is so that people like me don’t abuse the system. Oh, wait. I use my childrens’ library cards to put books on hold as well, so perhaps I am abusing the system.)

We love Mo Willems for his delightfully funny books. As I’ve written before, I am not a fan of dumbing down books for kids or employing various shades of disgusting humor.

But funny, that we like. There is a time for reading Devotional Stories for Little Folks (which I do recommend), and there is a time to just be silly.

The Elephant and Piggie stories are simple beginning readers about an elephant who is devoted to his best friend Piggie. The humor is perfectly accessible to our 5 and 4 year old. And it is such fun to hear them giggling together at exactly the same time as the 5 year old reads to the 4 year old. In the back of the car. Because he just can’t wait until we get home. The only times I hear a pause is when they reach the point when they are laughing so hard that no sound comes out.


(You’ll get that if only you read We Are in a Book! When Dash realized that HE was the reader, he couldn’t stop reading!)

Ha. I just checked my google reader and it turns our that Melissa Wiley posted on this delightful duo as well. Since I love virtually every book that she recommends, this is no surprise!

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  • Anonymous

    cute! We will have to check out these books from the library.