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Enchilada Mess

Here is the recipe from my Thoughts below.  It will also appear in our recipes tab for later access.  Enjoy!Corn tortillas (15-20 small)1 large can enchilada sauce2 cans cream of chicken1 lb. ground beefbig bag of shredded cheddarBrown meat.  Add enchilada sauce and cream of chicken.  Let simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Butter the bottom of a 9x13 casserole dish.  Layer starting with tortillas torn into pieces, top with grated cheese, spread 1/2 of the meat mixture, repeat tortillas, chees … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday

What am I cooking? My friend, Amy's, awesome Enchilada Mess. It is a delicious, make-ahead-of-time dish that we all love--I'll post the recipe in our recipe tab. Amy and her family are very dear to us from our Notre Dame Law days. At the end of our three years, she and her husband put together a recipe book with photos and recipes we all contributed. It is heartwarming to cook from it and think of my dear, fellow ND law wives.What are my weekend plans? We are so excited to be welcoming Red … [Read more...]

Be Ye Perfect

Our Lent began in a haze, we all had the flu and infections, we stayed in bed for about 2 weeks.  I had thought about giving up chocolate for Lent, or coffee, but in the end, considering the state of our family life, I have joked with friends that I have decided, for Lent, just to try hard not to give up.One day, in the midst of the illness, I thought I was well and I got up and hauled myself to an early morning Mass.  The homily was on this passage, from the Gospel of Matthew, and it is a g … [Read more...]

Doing Good Things

If you visited Princeton anytime in the last 16 years, chances are you were blessed with an encounter with Father Thomas Mullelly. Father Tom, or FT, is an iconic figure on campus. While I know our readers extend well beyond Princeton, I also know that each of the builders has been bolstered in our faith, prayer and apostolate by our beloved Father Tom. There are few on campus of any denomination or creed who do not know Father Tom. As head of the Aquinas Institute, Father Tom has presided over … [Read more...]

We are a Goodwill Satellite Store

This morning when I opened our apartment door to go to Mass we could barely get out because there were two large white garbage bags blocking our way. Peering through the thin plastic I could see that there were little boy clothes and shoes inside. More money saved at the hands of our generous neighboors -hooray! Then, after Mass concluded, a mother of eight children approached our family and handed my excited three-year-old a smaller plastic bag which contained a … [Read more...]

The Annunciation

Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation, dear friends!Here are some thoughts on this beautiful Feast Day:1) For those looking for another crafty idea that you can save from year to year, here is an idea for the "Annunciation candle":Take a pillar candle and make a little hole in one side. Then, cut out a small picture of Jesus and place it inside the hole. Cover the hole with a small piece of cloth or tissue, and use two small thumbtacks to hold the cloth/tissue in place. The candle signifies … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday

What am I cooking? A roast chicken, rice and green beans.What are my weekend plans? We are headed to NYC to visit dear friends from Princeton and dear friends of theirs, who have now become our friends.  Did you follow that?  The friends of friends, who are now our friends, blog here.  Melinda is gracious as can be, a gem in the hospitality department (she entertained our entire family at her beach house without ever having met us!!!), and one of the many great people who I have had the pl … [Read more...]


Yesterday I spent my day overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of my oldest girl.  Gianna turned 7, and the day brought back a flood of emotions regarding her birth and the gift of life.  Gianna was our rainbow baby, a bright colorful reminder of God's greatness in an otherwise dark and stormy time. Born after the death of our first daughter Therese, Gianna's birth was filled with tears of gratitude, not sorrow, and with the sound of an infant's cry, not silence.  The moment I held her very al … [Read more...]

Further Explanation Needed

Our big boys enjoy the tradition of adding dried beans to a mason "sacrifice jar" for the extra sacrifices they make during Lent and have a good handle on what constitutes a sacrifice for Jesus. The baby, not so much.Incredibaby addressing Daddy: "Can I put a bean in the rack-fice jar?"Daddy: "Why? What did you do?"Very sincere 2 year old: "I finished all my dessert!" … [Read more...]

New Car Seat Advice

I am sure that many of you have seen this column in the New York Times which reports the American Academy of Pediatrics updated advice on rear facing car seats.  We got similar advice from one doctor somewhere along the way, to keep the child rear facing as long as possible and to use height and weight rather than age as a guideline for use of car seats and boosters.  We are pretty intense about our carseats, but we have not always been able to follow this advice, perhaps because we just thought … [Read more...]