Four year old boys and tee ball

Is there anything more fun, or cuter, in the world?

I think I’ve been looking forward to my son’s first tee ball game since the day he was born. Beautiful spring evenings, picnic dinners, Gatorade mustaches, energetic boys, ADORABLE uniforms, supportive coaches, meeting new friends.

It’s such a blessing to be emerging from the lonely land of the pre-school years into these exciting and enriching days of school and organized neighborhood activities. The kids are vivacious and interesting and enjoyable to be with. It seems to me that this is when parenthood with several kids becomes just plain fun.


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  • Mary Alice

    So funny, we are so different, I was going to do a post about surviving baseball season, all this time out and about, the unpredictability of rain outs and kids behavior, missed dinners, it is all a struggle for me!n

  • Anonymous

    MA, I’m right there with you! That picture is adorable JM! We aren’t letting Charlie play baseball until it’s “real” baseball, with real pitching…so perhaps when he is 7? I’m putting it off as long as possible because I know once we start, our entire life will be turned upside down. And I’m a HUGE baseball fan.nnMy heart did skip a beat when I saw that picture though…little boys in baseball uniforms are just so darn cute.

  • Texas Mommy

    Ummm…is my godson really wearing Texas Rangers gear?!? nnSo cute!

  • Kat

    So fun!nYour kids look great, JM!

  • I for one LOVED my son’s little league days! It’s such a blast. I LOVED getting rid of our predictable schedule, throwing down a frank at the ballpark, and not worrying about anything but watching my little guy enjoy his team. I can’t wait to do it all over again with my next guy (he’s only 7 months so we have a ways to go!). Enjoy!

  • B-mama

    I’m also with you, JM! As much of a challenge as the season has been so far, I said to another mother the other day, “This is so good for us!”. The fresh air, the sunshine, the early dinners, mama having to have her act together… I could go on and on! Glad you all are having fun!

  • Laura

    ADORABLE pic! They’re getting so big! Can’t wait to see y’all soon! And can’t wait to hopefully have kids in tee-ball! :):):)

  • Mr. Incredible

    Go Rangers!!!!!

  • Juris Mater

    We couldn’t wait to tell you! According to my husband, if it couldn’t be the White Sox, the Rangers are a fabulous second.

  • Juris Mater

    Agreed, Second Chances! Hotdogs, Big League Chew, too-late nights, sisters as cheerleaders, and one hour twice a week to do nothing but enjoy little boyhood.

  • Juris Mater

    Alas… and I aspire to be more content at home, with ordinary days!

  • Mary Alice

    Maybe someday you’ll live here, and we can trade off. You do the activities and field trips and I’ll do the read alouds and craft projects.

  • Mary Alice

    Ahh, this may explain the difference in our perspectives. Several hours several days a week, with two kids on two different fields. This Saturday from 8:45 until about 2 pm. Practice on Holy Thursday and Mother’s Day. That’s only with two — what will happen once I have all four boys in sports I can’t imagine. You can’t let them eat hot dogs four nights a week, so you have to figure out how to pack dinner or eat early. The upside to homeschooling was that last year during little league, since bedtime was around 10 pm, everybody could sleep in.

  • Juris Mater

    YES!!, wow, VERY tiresome my friend. You’re amazing to keep it up. We haven’t had to limit our kids activities yet because there aren’t that many, but I know the day is coming. nnThere’s always Go-gurt for dinner if you need an alternative to hot dogs, or Ritz crackers and Easy Cheese : )

  • AWOL Mommy

    wait, you, the State Champion Cross Country Star, condone cheerleading as an option for your fabulous eldest daughter?! We have to talk.

  • Mary Alice

    I think that the sideline experience is usually more athletic than the experience of the kids in the games — the brothers and sisters run around, cheer, play on the jungle gym, while the players wait to bat or stand out in the field! nnOne part I have really embraced is that this is a our park/playground time, it just transfers from the afternoons, which gives us time in the afternoons to get ready.nnI also do later, longer naps, which helps the babies get through the longer evening.nnSomething new for us this year, which is wonderful, is carpooling! What a difference it has made not to have to drop off and pick up for every single practice. Hopefully there will be more of that in our future.

  • JMB

    I’m in Mary Alice’s camp here. I wish I could say that I loved baseball and softball, but I too had three kids in pretty close succession and it involved being three different places at once, with a baby in tow, or begging a neighbor or coach to bring one of my children, and the ensuing guilt of not being there or being there but secretly very bored by the whole thing. I used to pray for rain every day. Finally after a never ending softball game I banned it. The next year I signed up the girls for lacrosse simply because it was the “fasted game on two feet” and I thought if I have to be here watching them, it better last an hour, or 45 minutes at best. We’ve never looked back. My son stuck with baseball until 6th grade, which was about a year or two too long. Most of his friends switched to lax and he thought he was too old to try it in 7th grade and thus, doesn’t have a spring sport now. (It’s ok, he wrestles in the winter and now he has to do off season wrestling for his high school team).nnOrganized sports where I live in Northern NJ have morphed into massive time commitments and moula and never ending developmental leagues, travel A, B, C teams, off season scrimmages, indoor practices, “mandatory” batting practices, private coaching, etc. It’s such a racket. Kids are forced into choosing a sport by third or fourth grade and if they don’t keep up with everyone else, they think they stink. Secondly, you have to take out another mortgage to pay for all the travel teams and private coaches. Not to mention summer camps, sleepaway sports camps, tournament travel costs, hotel and such. nnThe good news is that if you stick with it until middle or high school, all the games are immediately after school and the kids get bused there and you don’t have to drive them anymore! Woo hoo!!!!

  • Awollsc

    Adorable kiddos, JM! And, I love that he’s a Texas Ranger! Go Rangers!