Thoughts for Thursday (pm edition)

Something that made me think?

One week away from my due date with our fourth baby, I am reflecting on… natural childbirth. It’s a gift and a blessing. I love the preparation required at this pre-labor stage. The way that my mind and body naturally fall into a relaxed and introspective, home-oriented and spiritually open state (otherwise atypical for my temperament!), preparing for the mind-body-spirit unity that I need to birth naturally. And with Good Friday just behind us, I love the way natural birth is a reminder of Calvary; the pain must be suffered, even eagerly embraced as it worsens,  in order for my body to break and my blood to be shed so new life can be borne. It’s totally solitary, nobody else can take the pain or birth the baby for me. The deeper my spiritual orientation, the more effectively I labor.  We are blessed to have a lovely birth center nearby which is a perfect venue for welcoming our baby boy to the world. Also, when my third baby was born, my oldest child was two. I am looking forward to bringing home our fourth baby to a house full of slightly older children. They’re cracking me up every single day. We were told by the midwives on Monday that he feels around 9 lbs already, and my kids have taken to screaming into my belly button “Baby, come out come out, you’re too big to still be in there.”


What am I reading?

Covenanted Happiness by Cormac Burke, for the billionth time. I don’t retain things well enough to read them only once, and this is my favorite above all favorites on marriage and family. Anyone looking for mother’s day gift request ideas? Look no further.


Weekend plans?

May is our birthday month. We kick off on Divine Mercy/JPII Sunday with my daughter’s third birthday party. Winnie the Pooh, nine-months-pregnant style. Which means storebought pizza and cake at the park. My nesting instinct is way too fierce right now to practice any hospitality in our home, especially with preschoolers. Thankfully, Sunday’s forecast calls for sunshine!


What can my children do instead of TV?

Mud pies, mud potions, mud body painting, mud splashing, mud handprints. And we have an in-house laundry machine for the first time, so we’re basically invincible. Spring is fabulous!


God bless you all in these joyful spring, Divine Mercy, first communion, new life, Easter days!

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  • KE

    Thank you for this reflection, JM! I’m due with baby number three any day now and though I had a natural birth with baby two, I’ve been a bit worried about returning to a birth center and “can I really do it again?”. Your top paragraph here is really encouraging and full of thoughts I’m going to add to my prayer list to remember during labor. Blessings and prayers to you and baby!

  • I’m glad to know someone else who has the doesn’t-retain-what-I-read problem. I read fast, but can’t always explain more than the general sentiment I got from reading something, and a basic outline. This is in sharp contrast to my husband who reads slowly, and can’t imagine re-reading something that he’s read in the last 5 years because a) it’s too much of a time investment and b) he already remembers it.

  • Anonymous

    Mud is also a favorite activity around here. Love the spring!

  • Kate

    I’ll be thinking of you during these last few days and wishing you a quick and healthy labor. We are bursting with new babies in our town and it is such a delight to see all their tiny new-ness during springtime. Having had fall and winter babies only it seems like a truly just right time for welcoming new life. And what could be better then getting to hang our with a sleeping newborn while the mud is sloshed all around!

  • Agneszc12490458383

    Not all people can do natural childbirth. I think we as a society need to stop making it seem like women who don’t have it natural are somehow not as strong or healthy. nnI know that was probably not your intention; Just be careful with the lofty-sounding, super-mom gloating. Words are powerful.