Thoughts for mid-July Thursday

What am I cooking? Good, old marinated chicken on the grill–LOVE grilling in the summer!  We are also having a basmati rice blend side and spinach salad.  Can’t wait and neither can the kids!  They love the simple and delicious!

What are my weekend plans? There are plans in the works for a family 5k Saturday morning to benefit a local Catholic family whose daughter suffers from a rare disorder caused by a virus during pregnancy.  They are accepting donations for the run and strollers are welcome–count us in!  I’m thinking I’ll push the babies in the double jogger while my hubby runs/walks with our older two.  Later Saturday we may meet up with friends at a park for play.  Sunday will bring church and a continuation of our FIRE program (at-home catechesis).  We partnered up with another family at our church and have been meeting after Mass throughout the year to catechize our 7 children, ranging in age from our youngest, 1, to their oldest, 8.  We host this Sunday, so we’ll feast and then settle in to learn and discuss the Sacrament of Holy Orders and the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Overall, the weekend should be pretty chill and non-committal, which is a blessing during these busy summer months.

What are my prayer intentions for the day? For Red and her husband and the precious babe she is carrying.  They have an ultrasound today to rule out the possibility of a neural tube disorder.  We are praying for their peace and for the health of the baby.  My heart goes out to this dear friend of mine who knew loss so early on in motherhood.  There’s no question every pregnancy brings to the surface many of the fears and anxieties she experienced with her precious daughter, Therese.  God speed and bless you, Mr. and Mrs. Red!

What can my children do instead of watching TV? Attend Vacation Bible School!  The older boys are there as I type and loving it!  Though as nice as it is to give them an activity in the mornings, I am eager to get them back home and our family back to our summer home “mama camp” schedule.  On the docket for next week’s learning theme: SPACE (aka. Kuiper Belt, Eris, and gravitational pull studies–they are my budding scientists).  To infinity and beyond…

What have I done for my marriage this week? I have been working with my husband this week to begin to re-write our Catholic Engaged Encounter talks to align with a new weekend format.  We are a presenting team and give ~9 talks on a 40+ hour EE weekend.  It is wonderful and exhilarating experience.  We’re totally pooped after a weekend, but find the ministry so worth it.  We were initially bummed to hear we would have to re-write talks that are only 2-years-old, but now that we’re back writing, we recognize how great the talk-writing process is for our marriage.  Writing requires us to communicate, think A LOT about the ins and outs of our daily life, and ruminate plenty on the past (which usually involves recalling funny or happy anecdotes).  All of this produces great fruit in our marriage!

What am I reading? The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton (for a book club I’ve joined!)

What’s challenging me lately? I’ll be frank–the budget!  Since allowing my husband to take over the family finances, I have relinquished control and he has tightened our belts quite a bit.  This is a very good thing, but challenging, to say the least. I recognize we are blessed beyond measure, but can get very frustrated when it seems like we are always having to hold back and think so much through every expense.  Perhaps this is a season of life that will be more financially scrutinizing, but it can be exhausting!  Self discipline is never easy.

Something that made me think? I attended a talk on prayer last night given by a local priest in our diocese.  It was excellent and part of a month-long series on prayer.  Last night he introduced the prayer style Lectio Divina or “holy reading”, which involves praying through scripture in a meditative-like fashion.  It is a beautiful method of prayer, involving silence and reflection.  We did a sample Lectio as a group and it was Divine.  God was so present.  The scripture we meditated on came to new light in the midst of prayer and today I am still affected by what I heard and meditated on…  We have homework to pray a lectio divina every day and I can’t wait!  If you haven’t experienced this type of prayer, I highly recommend looking into it.

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  • Jurismater

    Wow, good for you for relinquishing the finances. Did you decide to do it out of deference, because he has more time to think about those things, because he’s better with numbers, what? I’m wondering if I should do the same, but how I enjoy being the accountant! Does this mean you’re handing over the 2011 tax return next April, too? You are a good wife, my friend!

  • Kat

    Bu2013Mama, this post is full of inspiring, positive themes! Really, you’re teaching your young boys about gravitational pulls and Eris? Really, you’re running a family 5k over the weekend? Really, your kids will eat spinach salad? Really, you and GG are spending evenings together writing marriage-oriented talks? And on top of it all, you’re learning about and practicing lectio divina? That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you and your beautiful family! Well done 🙂

  • Red

    My u/s went well!u00a0 Thank you all for the prayers.u00a0 I will post a picture tomorrow.

  • B-mama

    Kat, you are too kind! u00a0We are definitely emerging from the post-baby nursing era and I am LOVING the chance to get to spend with the boys. u00a0Their space questioning has been fueled for some time by NOVA shows, many library books, and a space placemat I bought at Wal-Mart for $1. u00a0It introduced them to the dwarf planets and away we went. u00a0As for the spinach–I am convinced my children were born herbivores. u00a0They will consume anything vegetarian, but really dislike meat! u00a0Chicken is coming around, but beef and pork are challenges. u00a0Finally, Lectio divina–try it, it’s very easy to learn!!

  • B-mama

    JM, GG decided to give the finances a try after realizing I had too much on my plate and the stuff on my plate wasn’t conducive to keeping strict books. u00a0He is able to update a budget spreadsheet at work and can check internet accounts at liberty throughout the day (which I def. don’t have time to do!) u00a0So far, so good, though I make him forward me the updated budget often so I can still feel in the loop. u00a0We also talk about it constantly (which is good and bad and totally obsessive of us but is also like us to do.) u00a0I predict come February 2012 I will still be our tax girl. u00a0LOVE seeing the return. u00a0There’s nothing like it!

  • Kat

    B-Mama, isn’t it amazing how FUN it can be to spend time with growing children?! This is a great time in their lives, because they are so curious to learn new things, and still happy to have mom be part of the picture…I’m sure that will change in a few years, but I’m savoring it while it lasts!nAs for the boys and meat, I’m sure that they will enjoy different kinds of meat very soon. C used to be like this, but now he loves steak, hot dogs, pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, etc. I never would have believed this! We are, however, still working on spinach 🙂

  • Kat

    Awesome news, Red!