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Curriculum Thoughts–Science at the Shore

We just returned from a 2 week vacation at the beach.  The weather was very warm and amazing, every day was a beach day, and we all got our fill of sun, sand, and the surf.  We returned on Saturday and started our school year today (I'll post about that tomorrow), and so during the trip my mind wandered and thought about education, curricula ideas, and fall planning.I think my approach to academics is a bit on the intense side, but I save the intensity for the three R's (reading, writing, and a … [Read more...]

Some time of her own…

One of the joys of having a third child has been watching her enjoy her older siblings. Caroline can spend hours watching her big brother and sister play their made-up games, either playing along with them or observing from the sidelines while occupying herself with some other activity.The other day, my husband asked me if I had been reading to Caroline, remembering that with our first child we had already been reading stories for months by this point in his life. I replied that no, I had not … [Read more...]

Speaking of birthdays…

I thought it would be a good time to post a list of presents for various budgets which I think that any mother would enjoy, just in case there are any husbands reading whose wives might have birthdays coming up.  These gifts take a little bit of knowing your wife to get them right, but you can fake it with some research around your house once you have this list, and you will get major bonus points for paying attention.  Ladies, please chime in on the comments and share your ideas.  Male readers, … [Read more...]

Marathon Mothering Without Birthday Stress

In the spirit of Juris Mater and Mary Alice's recent posts, I'm here to say, "Throw a birthday party and don't go crazy while doing it!"August is a big birthday month around here and has the potential to put us under in more ways than one.  Birthdays are expensive and exhausting and full of pressure for a mother who's just trying to put on a nice party for her child.  I've battled my inner perfectionist many-a-times when it comes to birthdays.  I've been to themed birthdays that make me weak in … [Read more...]

Drop Everything and Relax!

I have been reflecting and praying about JM's recent post on marathon mothering and I have come to some conclusions about myself this week. First of all, for a mother or other working professional with very demanding days (major league catcher, for example), a minor health problem can have big consequences. Our life demands that I be on my game for 15 hours a day, seven days a week, and if I am run down we fall behind very quickly. More on that another time.Also, like a professional … [Read more...]

Art Inspiration brought to you by…

   Deep Space Sparkle.  I am lesson planning, and while my kids take an art class outside the home, I want to make sure that we incorporate some projects at home.  I have learned by experience that just wishing is not enough to make something happen in our homeschool, so I was glad to come across this website (linked at Wildflowers).  I am going to choose a few projects, perhaps just 2 per quarter, which will work well for the whole family.The art created by the students on … [Read more...]

Awesome “Catholicism” Trailer

"The Catholic story is being told, but being told by the wrong people in the wrong way." ~Fr. Robert Barron in the trailer for "The Catholicism Project"You can watch the video here - enjoy! … [Read more...]

How do you handle cranky kids?

Good Monday morning, readers!Without going into too much detail, I have had a cranky child on my hands for the past week or so, and it has been very hard on the rest of the family. This particular child has had a very short temper and has often resorted to yelling, pushing, and other such tactics, and I can tell that this behavior has caused all of the other family members to be more on edge as well. My strategy has been to say, "If you are going to act like that, you will need to spend some … [Read more...]

“I hardly ever play with my children.”

Last night, as I lay in bed stroking my 6-year-old daughter's hair, she rolled over and asked, "do you think you will maybe have time to play with my new plastic dolls with me tomorrow?" It wasn't a frustrated or annoyed question, but her tone with these types of questions has recently shifted from a hopeful request to a hopeful request tinged with skepticism. After all, her skepticism is merited, the next 24 hours have now gone by and I never sat down and made up voices and scenarios for the … [Read more...]

To Power-Down Periodically

 Periods of complete exhaustion are inevitable for a mother. Her nursing baby makes quality night sleep impossible; her exuberant toddler requires constant vigilance; her preschoolers need activities; her school-aged children can entertain and help themselves but challenge her mind with questions as they approach the age of reason. Just that is enough to make her head spin, because she wants to do it well, with love. All the while, her home has to be cleaned and maintained, food must be … [Read more...]