It’s a GIRL!!!!!

I just had my full anatomy ultrasound this morning and we are having a beautiful baby girl!!!  As her mother, I can already tell she is beautiful.  Everything they were able to see with the baby looked great (PRAISE GOD!!!!), but I did have a partial previa of my placenta.  They assured me that the placenta is very likely to move up as the weeks pass, but I have to return in a few short weeks for another ultrasound.  In addition, there were two pictures of the baby that were not clear due to her positioning, so I have to return for that as well.  Has anyone else had a partial previa of their placenta?  If so, did it move up as time passed?  I left feeling like it wasn’t that big of a deal, but the placenta positioning certainly explains some of the strange symptoms I have had in the past few months.

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  • La Sandia

    Hi Red.nnI had a marginal previa during my 20-week ultrasound, and as a precaution my doctors put me on “pelvic rest,” and I imagine you can guess what that entails. u00a0They told me to avoid excessively rigorous physical activity (i.e. stuff that involved jumping up and down a lot or running) but I could otherwise go about my daily work, including my commute on the DC metro. u00a0I had a follow-up sonogram at 30 weeks, and as they predicted, it had moved up and thus wasn’t an issue anymore. u00a0The vast majority of marginal/partial previas correct themselves, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

  • Texas Mommy

    Congrats, Red! Yeah for sweet little girls!

  • B-mama

    This is so blessed! u00a0I’m so happy for you and Mr. Red and your whole family. u00a0A healthy baby girl is a GREAT thing!! Praise God!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they put me on “pelvic rest” but said nothing about exercise.u00a0 I have been going to the gym several days a week to use the elliptical machine.u00a0 I wonder if I should keep doing that?

  • sally

    I also had partial previa during my last pregnancy. My instructions were to avoid rigorous activity and sex. If I remember correctly, I think running was not advised, but something low impact like swimming or walking in a pool, etc would be great. I know, how do you fit that into your already jammed schedule?u00a0When I went back for my u/s it had moved up well out of the way andu00a0I no longer had to follow those precautions. nnCongratulations on baby girl! I was glad to go back and get another look to confirm gender as well.

  • KMommy

    Hi Red,nnCongratulations on your girl!!u00a0 : )nnAt 19 weeks of my second pregnancy I found out that I had a marginal placenta previa.u00a0 My midwife assured me that most previas move by the time they do the second ultrasound.u00a0 Over 90% do, but unfortunately I wasn’t one of those.u00a0 Think of a balloon with a black dot near the opening.u00a0 As you blow up the balloon, the black mark moves up and stretches, giving more space near the opening of the balloon.u00a0 Since my previa didn’t move, I was scheduled for more ultrasounds.u00a0 After the one around 34 weeks, with my placenta still just 1cm from the cervix with next to no movement, I was transferred to a large hospital as a “high risk” pregnancy.u00a0 My husband and I had been praying a lot, since I really (really) didn’t want to have a c-section–I had a 19 month fussy, active little one also.u00a0 We were told we would be scheduled to have a c-section at late 37/early 38 weeks.u00a0 We were also told that by this time it wouldn’t resolve.u00a0 Well, we went to the hospital at 35 weeks with strong contractions (they didn’t want me to go into labor at all) and they did the extra-fancy ultrasound and couldn’t even see the placenta near the cervix.u00a0 In one week, with only 1cm of growth over the entire uterus, the placenta had moved at least two centimeters from the cervix (it had moved maybe 2mm over the last 17 weeks).u00a0 We were so happy!u00a0 God had really answered our prayers and encouraged us.u00a0 I got to go back to my small hospital with my midwife.u00a0 We were taken off “pelvic rest” at week 38.u00a0 Hmmm.u00a0 My daughter was born naturally three days overdue.u00a0 I did have a lot of bleeding following the birth, and the surgeon was called to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, but that resolved with no harm done.nI hope yours resolves quickly.u00a0 Most do.u00a0 I probably wrote too much, but we were so encouraged by the reminder of God’s love and power.u00a0 : )

  • Kate E.

    Yup with Jack, and it moved. Just like it sounds most people’s do. Whoop whoop another sweet Miller girl. Congrats to you guys and the whole fam.

  • Graceinmyheart

    Oh wonderful news! u00a0Congratulations on your healthy little lady!

  • Mandabravo

    I had partial previa with the first pregnancy and it resolved by 32 weeksu00a0 when it stopped being the biggest of my concerns.u00a0 I’m so glad to hear that all the shots you got showed a healthy baby.u00a0nnCongrats on another little girl!u00a0 I am already imagining all the practical advantages like rooming with Claire further down the road.u00a0 And you are doing due diligence to evening the boy/girl score as far as cousins are concerned.u00a0

  • Kathy

    Congratulations on your baby girl. I will pray for you that the placents moves as it did in so many of the other stories. Glad to hear she is healthy!

  • Rebecca Elmuccio

    I had partial previa and it did move in time for the delivery. It was actually not that bad since we got to keep having ultrasounds and we got to keep seeing the baby throughout the pregnancy. I was on pelvic rest too and just took it easy on the exercise. It moved somewhere around week 32 I think and then I had to remember to practice all of the breathing techniques that we learned on our day long class that I didn’t think that I’d need. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Red! I’ll pray that all health issues are resolved soon.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all for your feedback.u00a0 I appreciate it so much!

  • Mary Alice

    I had it too, with Jimmy, and the main impact it had on me was that I decided to stop nursing Leo in order to avoid the potential for cramping and a hemorrhage.u00a0 It did resolve on its own. nnCongratulations!u00a0 This is exciting news.

  • LifeHopes

    Hi Red!!!nI am just now getting over here, so sorry I am late on this but CONGRATS on the baby girl!!As you might recall I too had a marginal previa, except I was told mine probably would not move since it was already third trimester. But it moved, thanks be to God, and we had a perfect vaginal delivery.nWill be praying yours does too!!!