Must’ve Been Something We Fed Them…

Thanks to Texas Mommy and her family for a lovely weekend visit! Silly faces compliments of the parents behind the camera :)

  • Mary Alice

    I love the dignified girl, horrified by what is going on around her, that is how I look in most family pictures too, surrounded by brothers and cousins.u00a0 It is great to have a glimpse of the Texas branch of the BC family!

  • Texas Mommy

    Yes, I love Miss C’s disdainful pout! Thanks, Kat, for hosting us for a delightful weekend! You manage to be the perfect hostess, unhurried and attentive. We were always talking, but then you turned and handed me our freshly dried towels neatly folded and washed brownie pan. No idea how you did that!?!

  • Anonymous

    I love the photo!u00a0 So glad you all had a nice weekend.u00a0 Can’t wait to see the Texas Builders in just a few short weeks.u00a0

  • Jurismater


  • B-mama

    Ooh! This is a great pic–LOVE the thought of seeing you all so soon!!!!n