They’re On Their Way…

They’re On Their Way… September 7, 2011

We just had a fabulous first day of Kindergarten and First Grade at our wonderful little classical Catholic academy. They’re all smiles and ready for more. Thanks be to God for successful new steps!

En route from Mass to class...


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  • Anonymous

    Super cute!u00a0 I LOVE those Catholic school uniforms.u00a0 And so special to start the day with Mass–sends the right message to those beautiful babies of yours.u00a0 P looks really happy 😉

  • Anna

    They can’t possibly be in first grade and kindergarten.u00a0 They were just born!

  • AWOL Mommy

    Is P sporting a faux hawk on his first day of school? Cutting edge Catholic.

  • Sellersatlast

    We also plan on sending our little ones to Catholic school.u00a0 Actually the school that I attended and both my mom and I taught.u00a0 I worry so much about the cost though.u00a0 It is one of my major issues when deciding on another child.u00a0 We use NFP, but are unsure if we will have another child and a large part of that revolves around money and the cost of their education.u00a0 A Catholic education is very important to us.u00a0 Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this.

  • Jurismater

    No, but that is a hilarious suggestion. Maybe next year. Although they’re pretty strict about tasteful appearance at our school. Do you think a hawk would pass muster?

  • Jurismater

    Sellersatlast, thanks so much for mentioning this.u00a0nnI think it comes down to priorities. Maybe “why a Catholic elementary education is important” is a topic for another post. We have discerned that tithe and a classical Catholic education top the list of financial priorities. With that established, we are making sacrifices in every other area of living to fund their Catholic education. Additionally, we use our school’s financial aid, gifts from grandparents, a portion of our tithe, and a sizable chunk of our small income to pay their tuition.u00a0Maybe I’m still idealistic, but I have every reason to be–we have seen God provide for us in miraculous ways without doing too much limiting of our family size. Our Lord provides the graces, and the means, when they’re needed, but not always in advance.

  • Jurismater

    The uniforms are AMAZING. As I wrote to you in an email, just seeing them in those uniforms every morning is worth every dime of tuition : ) Be still my heart!u00a0

  • Jurismater

    So true! Motherhood is such a bittersweet mix–sad to loosen the apron strings, but so joyful to see them confidently taking new steps toward independence.

  • Sellersatlast

    Thank you for this beautiful response!!u00a0 I completely agree with your statement that “Our Lord provides the graces, and the means, when they’re needed, but not always in advance”.u00a0 We have seen this so often in the past 4 years.u00a0 I stopped working 4 years ago when my daughter was born and at the my husband was making a comfortable salary for us to do so, but the economy quickly changed.u00a0 If you would have asked me back then, I would never have guess we would have made it–but we have!u00a0 I guess it is just really hard for a type A “planner” to have faith in matters of finances.u00a0 Thank you for your reassurance.u00a0 I hope we can be open to all of the Lord’s blessing.nCatholic education is definitely a financial priority to us, and I guess I need to stop looking into the future and wondering how I am going to pay for our pricey Catholic high school with just 2 children and focus on getting our first child through pre-school and onto kindergarten :)nHave a nice weekend!