Fall Celebration

The feast...absolutely no prep work!

The boys and I have spent the last few weeks reading through our apple book basket and since, to my great dismay, there is no apple picking in our area, we decided to have our own apple harvest party. I bought a bunch of different kinds of apples we invited some grandparents and we had an apple tasting party. Simple, easy and sweet, and so much fun!

Different kinds of apples


Tallying the votes

Three year old refused to eat the apples

Land's End Warning: Order School Uniforms, Get Porn
Slowing down for meals
Vegetable Labor
Simple Meal for a Crowd
  • Awollsc

    Texas Mommy, I know you live not too far from me thanks to JM. u00a0Check out this link: u00a0http://www.henriettacreekorchard.com/u00a0 (I know it’s still a drive for you, but better than nothing!) u00a0I have never been, but I’ve heard it’s cool! u00a0nnThis place is also fun: u00a0http://www.gnismer.com/u00a0 They do all kinds of different stuff, depending on the season!

  • Jurismater

    What fun, Tex!!

  • Anonymous

    So sad you don’t live near apple picking!!!!!u00a0 I should remember this when we are shoveling out of snow this winter ;-)

  • Anonymous

    My mom actually brought a 25 pound suitcase of hand picked apples from STL a few weeks ago. TSA usually thinks she is crazy, but there is something so awesome about hand picked apples!!!! Even the organic apples that make it to Texas are coated in produce wax…the thin skin is just so delicious!n

  • http://buildingcathedrals.com Kat

    Tex, I also miss apple picking :( u00a0Autumn has always been my favorite season, but I’m learning to appreciate the Texas climate and to take advantage of every bit of crisp Fall weather that we get! Hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully soon :)

  • Harmony

    This is a great idea!