Christmas Gift Round-Up: What were your favorites this year?

My son received a really cool ant farm for Christmas this year – thanks Aunt M and Uncle D 🙂 – and our entire family has been enjoying watching the progression that the ants have made through the gel over the past few weeks. When we first received this gift in the mail, I have to say that I was slightly terrified by the thought of 30 harvester ants somehow escaping and crawling all over my son’s room. Thankfully, I soon realized that there is no way for the ants to escape, and a gift that I would probably not have bought my son has quickly become a family favorite.

Other favorites included a children’s camera that connects via USB cable to the computer (beware the games, though!), the board game Parcheesi, a cash register, and of course, Legos.

Which gifts were your family’s winners this year? Any flops?

God bless you all this morning!

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  • Becky Elmuccio

    Duplos are a huge hit here along with the mouse Wheely Bug.

  • Mary

    Glad C and the others like it! =) Aunt M

  • Rightsaidred Builder

    MA gave Charlie a circuit building gift that was a big hit.u00a0 Bikes and a new hockey net were big favorites too.u00a0

  • Mary Alice

    The snap circuits have also been a big hit in our house, as have duplos.u00a0 The train table has made our playroom more appealing and the preschoolers gather around it, but it is rarely used for trains, which I still think do better spread out all over the floor!nnA super popular gift has been “real” tubes of paint, brushes and a palette.nnWe did a lot of games.u00a0 Zingo is a good one, but HiHoCherryO and Boggle Jr are both flops.

  • Anonymous

    Qwirkle. An awesome game that our 4 and 6 year old have played nonstop and it is even fun for mom and dad!

  • Juris Mater

    We got a nice puppet theater that transforms into a store or post office, and that’s been great for winter playtime.