Desperate Times…

…call for desperate measures. There is a wall that many of us tend to hit sometime in the 8th month of pregnancy that leads us into some sort of delirious state in which we are willing to try anything to induce labor naturally.

Between all of the builders, we have probably tried every old wives tales for inducing labor. Some of them potentially credible. Others not. Some of them probably not fit to share here.

Here is a study published in a medical journal that my midwife linked to on her facebook page of which I was unaware. Apparently consumption of dates for the 4 weeks prior to one’s due date has a positive effect on labor duration and the need for induction and augmentation.

I’m adding dates to my grocery list for this week. Good thing we are currently studying Ancient Egypt as well. Hopefully, we will induce labor and homeschool at the same time!

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  • Juris Mater

    Nice Tex, another interesting one to add to the list–worth a try. You’ll have to double your consumption since you didn’t start 4 weeks out. Enjoy : )

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    I have two weeks to amass as many dates in our home for excessive consumption…

    What is the logic behind this? I’m assuming part of it is to clear one’s colon and get things “moving” down there??

  • Juris Mater

    Like a slow-release castor oil alternative… I might prefer one castor oil cocktail at 39.5 wks to a month-long diet of dates.

  • Kellie “Red”

    LOL!!! Me too! I tried to convince the midwives to market “Kellie’s Castor Oil,” it has a nice ring, right?

    I have heard pineapple helps. I love pineapple, so eating it obsessively from 36 weeks on isn’t a cross but a pleasure!