They Teach Us, Too


I’m having so much fun learning how to french braid over here in our corner of the world, and thanks to my patient 4 year-old, I’m getting lots of practice! I’ll admit that my technique is still far from perfect, and I’m certainly not a natural, but it has been fun to learn something new and to see improvement with practice. When someone complimented Maria on her hair the other day, she told them, “Thanks, my mom did it for me. She’s getting better.”  🙂
I never thought that I would know so much about dragons, cats, or lizards, but thanks to my curious 8 year-old, I’m practically an expert.
What new things have you learned thanks to your children? As we enter the last days of summer (sniff, sniff), let’s take some time to reflect on all of the wonderful ways that our children have grown and changed us.
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  • Juris Mater

    Kat, bravo on the French braiding, that looks awesome. My oldest daughter also has just gotten into different hairstyles (braids, half-ponytails, etc) and… as a former tomboy who never had sisters, I’m really having to learn fast! But you’re right, it’s great. My second daughter also loves manicures and pedicures. It’s a treasure getting a second go-round with the “girly” things that I missed the first time around. Thanks for bringing it to mind in this post!

  • I am so impressed! Did you learn from a web tutorial? I wouldn’t know where to start. I did spend lots of time doing my American Girl doll’s hair as a child, and I often feel like my daughters are just life sized dolls! They LOVE for me to do their hair, I think it is the one on one attention.

    On a heavier note, I think that my children teach me – daily – about my own hypocrisy. They notice when I do things that I have told them not to do, snacking on junk food, leaving my towel on the bedroom floor, etc. Of course some rules apply to children and not adults, but most of the things that I expect of the kids I should be doing, too!

  • MA, I did look at a web tutorial, but what really helped was just practicing!
    I also struggle with asking my children to do things that I don’t always do myself – this morning, Christopher caught me eating our freshly baked Rice Krispie treats for breakfast, and he called me out on it! I didn’t have a good answer for why I was eating one at 6:30 in the morning, other than “sometimes moms just need to eat something sweet”!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Great job Kat! I am not a girly type but learned to “french braid” in a circle while in the locker room before our softball games. We all sat in a circle and did one girl’s hair. Everyone had to learn and do so fast! I’m definitely less polished these days though, and I pull the hairs a bit too much and hurt my girls!

    And for something I’m learning/learned — how to be a stage mom. My daughter seems to love the stage, and I’m having to embrace it. Not the easiest task for a tom-boy 😉