Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

Although the calendar new year is just under a month away, the Church’s new year began a couple of days ago on the first Sunday of Advent. Following the season of Advent will come the Christmas season, then a period of ordinary time before Lent, then the Lenten season, the Triduum, the Easter Season, and another long stretch of ordinary time before we come to Advent again. How fun it is to be a Catholic! Our liturgical year is marked by joyous Feast Days, periods of waiting and fasting, saints’ days, and many other occasions to celebrate.

Among the Builders here at Building Cathedrals, the past year has been very eventful! All of us have welcomed new babies into our families, and we have seen each other through the ups and downs of our joys and sorrows. We live in many different places, but we remain close to each other through consistent prayer and ongoing email and phone conversations. I am so grateful for this group of amazing women, and for all of our readers here at BC – you have all encouraged me, challenged me, and made me smile on so many different occasions over the past year.

As we all know, there are many people in our lives that are struggling during this holiday season. Rather than looking forward to the Christmas season, they are dreading all of the parties and celebrations. Perhaps they have gone through a very difficult loss over the course of the past year, or perhaps they are dealing with depression or anxiety for some reason. Some are going through tough financial times. They feel lonely and isolated because everyone around them is celebrating while they are struggling to make it through each day. I would bet that each of us can name at least 10 people for whom this is the case this year!

I am proposing that we pray together, as a Building Cathedrals family, for all of the people in our lives that are suffering right now, during this Advent season. One of my favorite prayers is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – you can find it here in a beautiful sung form. Perhaps you can commit to once a week, or maybe even every day, but whatever it is, write it down in your calendar and treat it as a regular commitment. You could even download the Chaplet onto your phone and pray it with your children as you drive around to your different activities. If you have a prayer intention that you would like to share, please do so in the comments section.

God bless all of you as we begin the holy season of Advent!

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  • Bethany “B-mama”

    Kat, *love* the idea of the BC community joining in prayer as we prepare in Advent. Great suggestion! The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy has also become a personal favorite of mine too. I think it is beautiful. Count me in!

  • Juris Mater

    Kat, thank you for this suggestion. I will pray Divine Mercy Chaplets for the intentions you included already… and, in general, for the intention that Christian families will be fortified against all that threatens their thriving. Cultural pressures, financial strain, marital conflict, losses of all sorts including loss of family members and loss of hope.

  • We are expecting another little boy the week before Christmas–the week of Gaudete Sunday! We lost our second child to miscarriage in January, so this has been a trying year. We are excited to have a new little guy to love, especially in a time of great joy. We would very much appreciate being added to the list of intentions here. You ladies inspire me regularly, and I am so grateful to have found you this year.

  • Saiorse

    What a beautiful idea. I wonder if I might ask to be added to the list of intentions. It has been an extremely stressful year with several health issues for me and increasing behavioral difficulties for my oldest who has special needs. Just as I am in the process of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease – possibly the root of all my health issues- we find ourselves expecting again. We are thrilled at the thought of another child – and purely terrified that my health might cause problems for the baby or me.

    We will remember all of the intentions in our prayers too. I am embarrassed to admit that I never before prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – thank you for introducing me to it.

  • Donna

    Wonderful idea. This will be my sister and brother-in-law’s first Christmas without Noah, their 8-year-old son that they lost to cancer in May. I think the pain is worse at these times- how wonderful for us women to seek the Giver of Divine Mercy to help families like these.

  • Laura Kasemervisz

    It’s a wonderful idea to pray at this time for people going that are suffering. I’d like to add to the list of intentions a very sweet 10 year old girl named Dezma in the Houston area. She is in hospice care for cancer (acute myeloid leukemia). She was diagnosed last January and spent the spring in very aggressive treatment. She was in remission over the summer but the cancer came back this October and the doctors are giving the family no hope at all now. Jesus, we trust in you.

  • Ladies ~ I will be praying for all of these intentions! Thank you for sharing them all.
    Saorise, congratulations on your new pregnancy. I will pray that the doctors are able to figure out the correct dosages and treatments during your pregnancy, to keep both mom and baby happy and healthy. I have also just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder – a thyroid condition – and am trying to figure out the correct course of treatment. It’s a bit stressful, but I’m hoping that with treatment my symptoms, many of which I was just brushing under the rug, will improve. I pray that the same is true for you.

  • Kellie “Red”

    Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder Kat. I will keep all these intentions in my prayers.