Picture Me Imperfectly

So, a good friend of some of the builders blogs over at Capturing Motherhood.  She hosts a Picture Me Imperfectly meme, where she writes about and takes photos of the many things in her life that are imperfect.

I am joining her here ~

Claire is 3.5 and loves to get herself dressed.  I allow her to leave the house in these clothes because ~ (1) I am busy and (2) it makes me laugh.  She loves to be barefoot and even showed up to a baseball game the other day without shoes.  My personal favorite is the Richard Simmons style headband.  The “dress” is really her older sister’s shirt, but she loves it because it is pink and covered in flowers.  This outfit pretty much screams homeschooler, but I’m cool with it.

And this is what my son’s desk looked like this morning.

Apparently, it can be pretty rough completing your homeschool 1st grade lessons.  Those two ladies on the right are dangerous.

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  • thank you for linking up! i love this!! xoxo.

  • Kellie “Red”

    Well I already wrote this on FB, but I was unable to properly tag this post with your blog button ;-( The HTML just kept showing up at the bottom of my post, not the button. So apparently, I am imperfect at participating in your meme as well. I guess that is kindof fitting. But I would like to learn how to post the button the next time around. There are so many imperfect things about my life…

  • Emmy

    Claire is independent, and beats to her own drum! Perhaps she has been exposed to too many photos of the 70’s! She is flower power all the way! I love that kid! She is total attitude!

  • Twinsplus1

    OK ladies I’ve been stalking your blog for weeks and Kellie can I just say I did a triple take trying to figure out what was imperfect in the first picture? If you saw the size 18-24 month winter coat my 4 year old will NOT give up (we call it his short sleeved jacket) you would roar. Keep up the encouraging work!

  • Texas Mommy

    I think she is rocking it!

  • Kellie “Red”

    Thanks for commenting! and reading. I would love to see that coat.

  • Helen

    I agree with Texas Mommy – she looks great! Little girls can get away with wearing the oddest combination of clothes, patterns, textures, etc. If, however, that was the outfit you or I chose to wear…

    My two year old daughter just looked over my shoulder and said: “That’s a pretty girl! Why doesn’t she have shoes on?”

  • Bethany “B-mama:

    Laughed out loud at all of this! Hysterical! More than anything, I love that you let her wear it out and be who she is… Good work, mama! xoxo

  • awolmommy

    Whoever thought that linking cubes would not be a huge distraction in a homeschool with any Y chromosomes must have been a mother to only girls. Claire is fabulous. I dressed like this in college and someone once referred to my style as “Bohemian” without knowing I was listening. Ha.