Staying Safe in the Summer Sun

We have been spending a lot of time out in the sun this summer, and this means that we have had to be extra careful about protecting our skin from those potentially-harmful rays. Our routine includes using a good quality sunblock on our bodies and a sunblock stick on our faces, making sure that we apply extra to our shoulders, nose, and ears, which are all susceptible to getting burned. The kids wear goggles in the pool and the adults wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from sun burn, and I have also worn a visor to give my face extra protection on days with no cloud cover.

We have also been making sure to drink plenty of water. Our 3 year-old was having some digestive troubles after swallowing small amounts of pool water, and a friend told me that cutting out dairy for an hour before and after swimming can help. I have found that this has made a huge difference, and she is old enough to understand that she can’t have a glass of milk before or after swimming.

After swimming, my kids are much more comfortable if we take a bath or shower immediately, although we haven’t been consistent about this yet. I think that the chlorine makes their skin and scalp dry, which makes them feel itchy and uncomfortable from head to toe. I wish that we had an outdoor shower!

What have you been doing to keep your family happy and healthy this summer?

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  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    The kids and I all wear spf rash guards to the pool, which saves a lot of time/stress of lotion on backs and shoulders. Plus, they are very modest, especially when you are bending over to fish the 1 year old out of the baby pool (again!)

    If we ever build a house an outdoor shower is an awesome idea for swimming/muddy boys!