Catholic Backtalk

After a particularly grumpy, uncheerful boy came downstairs from spending some time in his room by himself I made the mistake of asking my extrovert kindergartener the rhetorical question, “Did you enjoy spending so much time by yourself this morning?”

To which he replied sassily, “Mommy, I wasn’t by myself, My guardian angel and Jesus were with me.”

  • Kat0427

    “Catholic backtalk” indeed – smart boy!

  • Kellie


  • Mary Alice

    So cute. My four year old had some confusion tonight between his guardian angel and his patron saint, so I explained that his guardian angel is just for him, but his patron saint will help him because we always like people who have our name, just as he feels extra close to his little cousin who shares his name. He thought about it and asked who shared my name, and I said “the Blessed Mother.” “Ooh,” he responded, “that must make you so happy!” Stuck his thumb in his mouth and hit the pillow.