Upstate August 28, 2013

I live in New Jersey, so almost every family I know spends a lot of time at “the shore” during the summer.  Some take day trips and others are lucky enough to have a week long rental with grandparents, but everybody loves the beach.  I have to tell you, I feel a little “meh” about the beach.  I have fun when I am there, but it is not the vacation I would choose.  I am a woods and mountain girl.  If I can get away in the summer, I like to go someplace where the nights are cool and the landscape is green.  Here is my baby in the place where my soul feels most at home:

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  • Kat0427

    I am the same – a vacation in the summer where the nights are cool and the air is crisp and fresh is my idea of perfection. I have many childhood memories of vacations in the mountains, and they are very happy memories!
    We also love the beach because it is so fun for the whole family – all of the children ages 18 months and up can have a great time – but it is also lots of work for mom at the end of the day. One word: sand!

  • If more people had this attitude, then the rentals at the Jersey Shore would be cheaper! So I whole-heartedly encourage promotion of this post 😉 Love the picture.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Amen! Cool air is such a respite from the Texas heat! Everyone enjoys the freshness of outdoors and everyone sleeps like rocks! I am with you 100%, except I dress my kids in mudboots and old jean in the mountains, not appliqued polos 🙂

  • Not a beach person here either. Give us the Catskills, the sound of a stream and tromping through the woods any day.

  • Mary Alice

    The upside to a late walker is that I get to hang on to the baby clothes a little bit longer 🙂 Notice that you do not see any pictures of my other children…