The cost of a tooth

What’s the going rate for a tooth? That is, how much does the “tooth fairy” give your kids per lost tooth. I have heard that it’s up from 25 cents when I was a kid to $1.00 in 2013. But if Tex offers her kids 25 cents for finding something as valuable as a lost car remote, $1.00 seems high for a tooth. Moreover, in a large family with multiple kids simultaneously in their tooth-losing prime, $1.00 per tooth is cause for budgetary concern. Maybe we’ll do 25 cents each or 3 for $1.00.

Relatedly, do you save your kids’ teeth somewhere. 20 baby teeth x 5 kids = 100 teeth stored in my sock drawer. Really?

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    We don’t pay cash for teeth! I know, scandal! Instead, they get a card under their pillow for a free trip to the treasure box stocked with little toys (hot wheels, small rocks for our geologist etc.) They much prefer this than cash! After the first 4-6 or so, the next kid starts losing teeth, so the older child starts to think his tooth cashing in time has passed!

    I don’t save teeth either! My mom saved mine and brought them down recently and they were so gross after so many years! I could have gone my whole life without seeing those!

  • Jennifer

    A 7 year old with three missing teeth recently told me that she got $20 each for two of the teeth and $10 for another. what??!! I’m glad to hear that’s not the norm. I like the treasure box idea.

  • Kat0427

    We don’t save teeth, either, but my dad did, and I thought it was very sweet when he showed me :)
    We usually do $1 per tooth, but our tooth fairy is very forgetful and sometimes takes several days to remember to leave the money. I figure that it’s simple and I can generally keep up with giving $1 per tooth. I do like that “trip to the treasure box” idea, Tex, my middle child would LOVE something like this!

  • Kellie

    $1.00 per tooth until you don’t believe in the tooth fairy, then nothing. I’ve never spent more than $5 per kid 😉

  • Kate E

    I take $20 to the bank. Get 1 $1 gold Sacajawea coin. And then the rest Kennedy half dollars. You get gold coin for first tooth and half dollar for subsequent teeth. Tooth lost in Hilton Head got 2 quarters and a shark tooth necklace. Tooth lost in MD far away from Kennedy half dollar stash got a paper dollar cause it’s special to lose a tooth away from home? I saved a few and tossed a few. Will probably rest at some point.

  • Ken Crawford

    Boy, I thought we were cheap. We give $1 and it feels like it’s nearly scandalous in our little corner of the country (northern California). $5 seems to be the norm with $10 common enough. Like Jennifer below, I just scoff when I hear about the $20 families.

    We don’t save teeth either, but know families that do.

  • Mary Alice

    I do have a cup of teeth in my sock drawer, I don’t know whose they are because I just put them in there some of the time, and other times I toss them. The molars are gross, but cool.

    I really like the $20 in coin idea, Kate, our #5 is about to start losing teeth and I am going to do that. I better do it tomorrow, actually, because he has one that is going to pop any day now.

    Usually I do change, a quarter or two, more if I forget and it is a few nights later. I don’t do it for the big kids, though.

    Do you use a special box or anything for under their pillows? I sort of wish I had sewn a tooth pouch.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Yes, the boys thought seeing old, decaying teeth was awesome!