Compulsory Hide and Seek

Compulsory Hide and Seek October 30, 2013
Cute? Or stealing rocks?

Can you believe that this sweet little guy steals like the dickens?

baby + step stool = food heist

I don’t know if lots of toddlers do this or if he’s able to sneak more things by since there are more children in the home now. But he takes and hides everything. If it isn’t nailed down it is gone! We had major tears before one baseball game as I delivered my standard, “if you aren’t responsible enough to keep track of you own baseball glove, then you won’t be able to play” speech. Suddenly, from an unseen pocket in the pack’n’play, an older brother pulled out said baseball glove and all eyes turned to the incriminated toddler.

We even had to institute a reward system on the fridge.

$1 well spent.

Do you have any idea how expensive those electronic key fobs are? When I found out we all went into hard core search and rescue mode. It took us 3 weeks and we had to raise the reward 3 times, but 21 days and $1 later, Dad’s keys were located.

The child even steals bases off the baseball field. It was kind of cute at first. Not so much anymore. When something is missing we check his usual stashes, but I think he’s on to us and just gets more creative.

Note the evil cackle.

If you visit our house, hold on to your wallet and jewelry. I am sure when we pack up to move there are treasure troves all over the house!

Really, we need to draw the line at stealing boats.

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  • Juris Mater

    This is hilarious, and the photos and captions are awesome. My 4th loves flying under the radar, too, with his rascal antics.

  • Twinsplus1

    I was the 4th of 4, and let me say that “acting out” in a way that was intended to show the rest of my family that they underestimated me at their own peril was an almost daily occurrence. In my opinion, once you start accusing and stop assuming the baby “isn’t capable” of such things, you’ll take most of the fun out of the actions. One of my favorites was moving the fireplace grate on Christmas morning as if Santa had been there. When Mom, Dad, and older sibs all agreed it hadn’t been them, they were truly stumped!

  • Our # 4 is a thief too. She even stashes library books in her dresser. Cute photos!

  • Queen B

    HILARIOUS, TEX! I love it!

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    That’s hilarious that you had them going about Santa! I need to step up my game to keep up with that one!!

  • Bethany

    I can’t believe that sweet baby is a clepto! No way possible–he’s too cute! I guess it’s all part of his deception. Adorable!