Preparing for His Coming

While out of town for the First Sunday of Advent Mass, we heard the priest give a simple, yet profound homily.

Advent, he said, is not just about preparing to celebrate the coming of Christ on Christmas 2000 years ago, it is about preparing for His second coming as well.

This struck me as such a powerful way to approach the season. If we get caught up in preparations the ostensibly are about preparing for Christmas, but are not preparing our soul for His second coming as well then we are missing the mark somehow and need to reevaluate. I keep thinking of the ending of ending of The Last Battle (of Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia): We want to go “further up and further in” and there we will find peace in our hearts this Advent.

  • J’

    I’m a little behind in my reading, ugh. I love this reminder. So true….preparing not only for his birthday, but his second coming as well — thank you!