Five Best Things about Snow Day #38

Today is another snow day. And tomorrow too. And Monday is Presidents’ Day holiday. Yet another five-day winter weekend spent entirely indoors. I don’t know if my children have gone to school more than 3 days during any one week since Thanksgiving. Winter unschooling….

Here are the top five reasons to be happy this morning:

(5) Plenty of time to finish every Christmas-gifted science kit, coloring book, craft set, and activity pack, which will make spring purging that much easier. “A place for everything, and everything in its place…”

(4) A perfect chance to bake Valentine’s heart cut-out-cookies. And then, because it’s too snowy to leave the house to deliver them, eat all 7 dozen. Nothing says Seasonal Affective Disorder like overdosing on sugary carbs while stuck inside for several days with no sunlight.

(3) REALLY excited to check out the coloring page websites that Queen B posted last week. I’ve been looking for a resource like this, and all of my kids will enjoy these. Time to crank up the printer. Until the power goes out.

(2) The kids have extra time to make genuinely thoughtful Valentines for each other and deliver them secretly before tomorrow.

(1) It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Kidding… but coffee with Bailey’s is a cheery late afternoon treat. Only 32 days until glorious St. Paddy’s Day!

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  • Katrina

    You guys have been hit hard with storms, we’re thinking of you as we watch the news! I’ll pray that you don’t lose power…That would just be heaping injury on top of insult. The unfortunate part about snow days is that dad usually still has to go to work – lots of work for mom!

  • Kellie

    It has been a terrible winter! Now you know why those of us who homeschool question this choice every February. And also why we saved up as much money as possible to spend part of February in Florida!

  • Queen B

    Air high five to you, JM! My printer ink cartridge ran out on me today because I have been printing so much. Hope the power held on for you long enough 😉 Wish I was stuck inside with your crew