Power-House Quick Mix for Busy Families

My mother was a vegetarian in her teens and early twenties mostly for health reasons… all before meeting the son of a cattle rancher. As a result — and even as we had a farm of our own and ate meat often growing up — she knew a lot about the chemistry and nutrition combo’s to get complete protein in other ways.

She recently reminded some of the younger mommas in our family about one of her go-to recipes, and I thought you might like it. What’s great about it is that it can be a base for many other things, and since its ingredients make a complementary protein, your family won’t have quite the mid-morning crash that you’d get with some other options.

And I’m all for not crashing mid-morning.

Make it in bulk one weekend, then just spoon out what you need over the next days/weeks/months! I included a few options to use it with, but you can easily substitute the mix for many recipes that call for flour!

Basic Quick Mix — (Taken from Diet for a Small Planet, by Frances Moore Latte)

  •  6.5 cps whole wheat flour
  • 1.5 cps soy flour
  • 1 TB salt (or to taste)
  • 1 cp instant dry milk
  • 1/3 cp baking powder
  • 2.5 cps wheat germ

Mix thoroughly and store in a tightly covered container in the fridge.

NOW…what you can use it for, and these are just a few options….


  • 1.5 cps quick mix
  • 1 cp yogurt, milk, or buttermilk
  • 1 egg
  • 3 TB oil

Cook on a greased skillet or pancake pan.


  • 1.25 cps quick mix
  • 1.5 cp milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 TB butter or oil
  • 2 TB honey
Cook on a greased waffle iron or press.


  • 2.25 cps quick mix
  • 1/3 cp melted butter, or oil
  • 2/3 cp milk, buttermilk, or yogurt

Preheat to 450 degrees, combine ingredients, knead lightly on floured board, pat into a disc or square, cut and place on a greased sheet. 12-15 minutes to yummy warm biscuits!


  • 2.5 cps quick mix
  • 2 TB butter or oil
  • 2 TB honey or molasses
  • 1 cp milk, buttermilk, or yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • Optional: fresh fruit, nuts, drained/chopped canned fruit, chopped dried fruit

Preheat to 400 degrees, combined ingredients, pour into muffin pans, and bake for 15 minutes

  • Katrina

    I love recipes like this – thanks, J!

  • Bethany

    Oooh, J, this is really cool. I love the idea of planning ahead and having the mix on hand, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Thank you for sharing!

  • Queen B

    This is super, thanks J!