Virtue is Beautiful

My kids and I love the original version of this song, yes we are all saps, and I appreciate the spirit behind this version put together by some Mormon guys. What do you think? Pre-teen swoon potential for our girls as they learn to treasure their dignity in a broken culture? Or too ironic and silly to convey a delicate message about beauty and virtue?

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  • Jennifer

    I like the message (dress modestly) in a vacuum, but something about this rubs me the wrong way. I think it’s the fact that it’s a bunch of teenage guys telling girls how to dress. That is, it seems like the song is saying “dress modestly so that you can attract these guys.”

  • Kathleen

    I heart modesty, but I agree with Jennifer that something seems off about the video.

    Every woman is so deeply self conscious and defensive of their clothing choices.. I feel like this video would not motivate but rather incite anger. I feel like it is very difficult for men to address those issues with women, but perhaps I’m wrong.

  • Kellie

    What’s funny is that the women I know at the traditional churches are just brutal on the teenage girls that try to dress with any style. The men sort of just keep their mouth shut. The poor girls are made to feel like sluts because they wear pants! I honestly think the message would be better received by the girls if it was delivered by a bunch of hot young guys in suits, LOL!

  • Kathleen

    You are right.. Women can be harsh on other women. I think women not inclined to agree with modesty would be upset with a video of teens or a woman giving the advice. And a girl predisposed to like the message will only be encouraged by the video. After reading many bloggers take on modesty including on this blog, I just find that whole conversation is difficult to have on a larger scale and is perhaps better done one on one.
    But maybe I’m just being negative. I’ll blame it on the winter vortex.

  • Kellie

    Honestly, I thought this was so corny and strange…but then again, teenage girls are very often attracted to corny and strange music (Justin Bieber), so I don’t pretend to understand teenage girls. I do know that teenage girls need to better understand the struggle boys face w/r/t purity, so I have no issue with good guys communicating this to them (someone has to and sadly their mother often doesn’t!)! It isn’t fair of women to walk around half naked, and there is nothing wrong with a guy saying that. But I guess I just thought this video was really corny.

  • Bethany

    I channeled my inner teenage girl on this one… and came out really appreciating what these guys are trying to do. If I was 16 and trying to uphold virtue, it would be pretty affirming to see that there are young, attractive guys who are out there looking for girls with virtue and modesty! It would give me hope for someday finding a good guy who has the same values.

  • Donna

    Oh I loved it and would have loved it in high school and college when I felt invisible in my modest clothes! :) Corny in a cute way I think.

  • Mary Alice

    After spending some time in Utah, I just have to ask, why are Mormon guys so good looking? I love this video. I do think that “I will never find a hot guy” is a concern for girls trying to work out how to be a teen with integrity.