The Disney Scoop

Our crew gearing up for the magic

It has been two weeks since our Disney getaway--just enough time for the "Disney amnesia" to set in (an amazing phenomenon that clouds all negative memories (like when your daughter had 3 potty accidents at Epcot) and highlights only the good, sparkly ones).  Whether the moments were all magical or not, the week was such a special treat for all of us and one that we will undoubtedly look back upon fondly. It will go down in Gasperini lore as some of our best and most fun times together.As … [Read more...]

Disney Done Right


Take the most magical place on earth, add dear friends, spring-like weather, precious family memories, two of the greatest (most tolerant) grandparents in the world, and we've had a vacation close to perfection so far. Okay, minus bouts of whiny children, the potty accident(s) today at Epcot, 3yo implosion moments, tired kids, the 1yo who won't go to sleep as I type this…  You know how that goes. We expected these hiccups and are fighting to remain optimistic!  Thankfully the older kids are hav … [Read more...]

Snow Excuse?

My kids have been home from school today thanks to a prediction of snow here in our "southern" town.  It is all rather funny because as of 4pm, we've had only a few flurries! It is blustery and cold outside, but reason enough to cancel school? Definitely not. Yet how were the "powers that be" supposed to know? They don't foresee the future. No crystal ball is in sight. They make a decision based on the information given to them… and today they're getting an earful.It is days like this that re … [Read more...]

Keepin’ It Real: Grace From a Dirty Sink

Sometimes it seems the way we bless one another best is just to be real and frank and forthcoming.  Because this journey of life isn't easy for any of us and sometimes its nice to know we're not walking the road alone.I had the chance to keep it real yesterday when I hosted my young daughters' playgroup here at the house.  I ushered our friends through the front door, down the hallway, and there, in the middle of my kitchen, sat my dirty, neglected sink. Breakfast bowls spilled out from the t … [Read more...]

All Are Welcome, All Are Loved

It was Christmas Eve Mass a handful of years ago.  We were "running late", which meant we arrived with only 45 minutes to go until the service and the place was a total madhouse.  Alas, we were shuttled away from our sanctuary to the illustrious gym space, where the second mass was being held for the overflow.  It was a fine Mass and I tried keeping a positive attitude, despite being 6 months pregnant and in discomfort.  Thanks to the generosity of some kind parishioners, I enjoyed a seat while o … [Read more...]

Visiting Christ’s Birth: a St. Andrew’s Novena Reflection

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! to hear my prayer and grant my desires, through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother. Amen. Years ago one Advent I uttered this prayer in earnest for the first time.  Its words flooded my heart with meaning during a season of real wanting.My husband was in the throes of his first … [Read more...]

A Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition

Growing up, I can remember teachers having us write down our favorites--"favorite color", "favorite activity", "favorite food", etc.  My answers always went something like this: blue, art/drawing, and potato filling.  What in the world was "potato filling"?  Most of my peers were writing "pizza" and I stood out, leaving others to question.  The best answer I could provide was that potato filling was a cross between mashed potatoes and stuffing, mixed together with additional yumminess and baked i … [Read more...]

Ducks In A Row


I love Kellie's annual Christmas post.  Every year it inspires me to get it together and promises the fruit of my labor will be more time to adore Jesus in Advent.  Win-win.   Real, true, well-planned holidays are possible without stress and having a larger family does not preclude doing something well.  Because really, in the end of it, it's all about planning and doing it ahead of time.  The more I live, the more children I have, the more I plan.  There's really no other way.You could say I … [Read more...]

Chasing Perfect

I've been learning a lot as a mom lately.  Learning how little control I have over some issues with my children… yet how my influence and outlook as a mom is still paramount.  It has been trying.  I haven't been sprinting through it like usual, but instead clamoring on, tripping, righting myself, and trying to keep pace.  This mom road is a long one and feels even longer in the face of certain challenges.  We've talked before how it is more like a lifetime marathon and that keeping our "eyes on t … [Read more...]

A Crockpot Kind of Day


We awoke this morning to dense fog.  It was the creepy kind that obscures traffic lights and hides morning walkers.  I rolled out of bed, less than enthusiastic, and shuffled to the gym.  Workout, check (wondering if I will be able to walk later??).  Thankfully it was done and the full day lay before me.  Then I headed home to find this...How is it that our sweet ones can be so darn pathetic when under the weather?  I am usually all business in the morning, getting kids up, fed, and out t … [Read more...]