Friends and Sisters

Friends and Sisters April 1, 2014

Lake Mead/Hoover Dam Happiness

I think my sides are still hurting from all the laughter I shared with dear friends, Kellie, J’, and K’ this past weekend in Las Vegas. It has been going on fifteen years since Kellie and I roomed together at Princeton, but that girl still knows how to get me rolling. No sooner had we collapsed into bed Thursday evening our first night, but we were cracking up over some misadventure. We talked for a good hour lying there, giggling and reminiscing despite the 3-hour time lag.  Ahh… Sisterhood is a glorious thing.

Supermoms @ Red Rocks

We feasted on delicious food. We toured grand hotels and saw hilarious sights on the strip one afternoon. We bent and stretched our bodies during a morning Pilates/Power Yoga session. We hiked Red Rocks and felt like supermoms. We hugged and complained to and encouraged one another. We counseled and philosophized and exchanged. We strategized and attempted to solve political issues. We ate real caramel and drank good wine. We prayed.

In other words, we celebrated sisterhood.

Celebrating Sisterhood!

It’s not often as moms we give ourselves the space and time to get away and remember why we love our vocations as mothers as much as we do. K’ commented while sitting on the porch Saturday afternoon on the joy of getting away, but the bittersweetness in missing her babies so much. There was always an iPhone out, sharing pics and videos of the latest thing one of our children has been up to. My GG was texting me hilarious quotes from the kids all weekend. We reveled in our families from afar and shared them with each other. We also feasted on J’s sweet Pia in person. What love for a baby! She was ours for the weekend.

Our last dinner Sunday night, we toasted to good friends and great food. Shrimp ceviche, gazpacho, steak and mushrooms… Kel and I were together until the final moments of her airplane calling. We hugged and it was complete. Texts rang out soon after as we laughed over travel hilarity and the like. I soon boarded my own plane to returned jet-lagged and bleary-eyed on the red eye. Yet despite my fatigue yesterday morning, my spirit was lighter and my worries less important. I was ready to take on the rigors of my bustling household. I faced the week with determination. I have my sisters to thank for that.

No matter where life takes us; what mishaps occur within the days of the coming year; what life changes come and go, we are united in the bond of eternal sisterhood. Thank you, Lord, for such a gift. I am already counting down ’til next year…

Celebrating Sisterhood, even in a weird alien space craft!

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